Install and use the old Google Maps V6 while using the new Google Maps Version 7


Android applications are updated with time and change function or appearance. It is true that sometimes, there are users who just unhappy with the change in appearance or removal of application content. To bring them good news today regarding updating some application Google.

Google updated its Maps application to version 7 with a new interface and with some new features. Of course, not everyone has liked the new user interface and want to return to old versions . Unfortunately not allowed to use Google Maps unless you are running version 7 but thanks to genius.lizard2 , a member of XDA , we can enjoy both versions without conflicts them. Working each one independently.

Maps Maps v6 V7 and fitted together without fighting

centre;”> google-maps-android

To install this application will have two options , or one with Navigation or other without. It is our choice if we are choosing to work with Navigation or not . Then the download links. There is the possibility that this application does not work well, so there is another more reliable method.

v6.14.1 Maps with Navigation

left;”> Maps v6.14.4 without Navigation

During the testing of these APKs, certain faults were discovered on some devices, so the developer decided recompile these applications through CM10.2 Framework . So compatibility issues were resolved. So if the installation of the latest APKs do I not work, I recommend you to try to install them. Clarify that even when compiled with Framework CM10.2 not mean that only serve to CyanogenMod ROMs . This version is for those who did not work the first method.

v6.14.1 Maps with Navigation (CM10.2 FW)

Maps v6.14.4 without Navigation (CM10.2 FW)

addition, the same developer has changed the application icon making it blue to facilitate the work of both versions differ. Thus, we will have an icon as long as another modified. These APKs are also compiled with CM10.2 Framework and are ready to install as normal.

centre;”> maps-icon-blue-cm

Then we leave the links to download these APKs, which are equal to the above compiled with CM10.2 but with a blue icon.

Maps v6.14.1 with Navigation (Blue Icon) (CM10.2 FW)

Maps v6.14.4 without Navigation (Blue Icon) (CM10.2 FW)

clarify that it is not necessary to be root to install these applications. So if you want you go back to the old version of Maps because you do not like the interface of the new version, only now able to download and install. In addition, you can use both at once and even with different icons. XDA developers behave

And you, do you like the new version of Maps or old, comentad below

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Install and use the old Google Maps V6 while using the new Google Maps Version 7
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January 18, 2014

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