Is it really dangerous turn off airplane mode during a flight?

Is it really dangerous turn off airplane mode during a flight?

The use of electronic devices is not permitted at any stage of reading this article.

The relationship between electronic devices and the aircraft has always been controversial. Since we are aware that many electronic devices have been banned or partially banned commercial flights. Or so indicate flight attendants whenever embark on an aircraft, which require us to turn on airplane mode and thus disable any connectivity to our device.

But, Is it really dangerous to use an electronic device without the activated flight mode? The answer is not . An obviously not nuanced.

Disable Airplane mode will not cause an accident

For decades we have instilled use a smartphone during a flight or turn off airplane mode will cause the airplane to enter turbulence, make a loop 270 degrees and end up having an accident . . But nothing is further from reality, it has been shown as false

There is more to see that, over the years, the various regulatory bodies such as EASA ( European Aviation Safety Authority ) or the European Commission gave free rein to airlines to provide wireless services on its flights . First the door opened a plane regardless of the stage of flight and then the door opened to the use of wireless networks during flight Enough already see that many flights that have Wi-Fi.


No, this will not happen disable airplane mode.

Also, several companies belonging to the telecommunications sector (from manufacturers like Motorola to operators) also have stated on many occasions that mobile phones do not affect the course of a commercial flight . They insist that this ban is long gone and that current technologies should even allow connection of voice and data with no problems.

Technologies as pico , a manager system collecting all the signals of mobile phones the plane, you redirect them to a satellite and bring them to the base stations on the ground. Antenna of these picocells are located in the heads of the passengers, a really short distance, allowing the signal between the device and the system picocell is of very low intensity, so that not walk occurs possible interference with navigation and communication systems of the aircraft itself.


This mode technology is used by companies such as AeroMobile , which already works with some airlines like Delta or Virgin since 2008 and has processed more than 800,000 calls (370,000 only in 2014) and 27 million text messages. All this without incident and over 500,000 flights operated worldwide. These figures support the feasibility and safety of calls and data transmissions on flights.

But despite this, some airlines and regulators continue to show leery about this debate. These carry the debate beyond “technical” flight safety . There is talk of the trouble that can make other passengers making calls during a flight and may even cause clashes in an extreme case.

With regard to this debate, the company AeroMobile says that only 20% of flight operations corresponded to voice calls. In addition, the average of these stood at less than two minutes, an insignificant time considering the total duration of the flight. However, if that fails to convince airlines and agencies AeroMobile system based on picocells can be disabled at any time to prevent interference or to resolve incidents among passengers -something much feared but, according to various studies, never It has occurred in flight with this system -.


Only during takeoff and landing could actually cause interference.

But the question many will is what happens to those flights who do not have picocell system (or similar). Is it safe to turn off airplane mode on them? Yes. And that to reach a certain altitude, our terminal will not get a connection or Wi-Fi networks or data networks, so it will be impossible to complete transmission-reception ratio waves that could harm the normal operation of the aircraft. Only during landing and during take-off may maintain a connection of this type taking into account the proximity to terrestres- antennas, and even then it would be relatively complex actually cause interference with communication and navigation systems of the aircraft itself .

However, except that we have a system of picocells on our flight, disable Airplane mode can be absurd considering that we can not establish any connection from the sky except Bluetooth connections, which are themselves permitidas-. In addition, it will increase battery consumption and could cause trouble if the hostesses or flight stewards discover us. So, although it is possible to keep off the plane in flight mode without causing any incident, ideally continued compliance and not tempt fate


Is it really dangerous turn off airplane mode during a flight?
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July 19, 2015

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