Jennifer Lawrence: “I would like young people aware that climate change is real”

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  • Jennifer Lawrence and his castmates have visited Madrid to promote the latest installment of the saga ‘The Hunger Games’.
  • ‘ The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 ‘will be released on November 27
  • The actress has spoken on matters deemed necessary reivinidicar

In 2012, came to theaters The Hunger Games adaptation of the hit novel by Suzanne Collins. A bestseller teenager tone , with fantastic elements, love story and a corresponding film version starring a group of handsome young boys and girls, were we perhaps to a Then the phenomenon started by Twilight ? Nothing is further from reality.

The Hunger Games has demonstrated in the past four years, be much more than a story of serial for teenagers. And the starting point denotes a much more adult and darker tone and a complexity of approach far from the simplicities that are often offered canned at teenagers.

Inspired by mix in television news on wars and reality shows as Big Brother , Collins built a powerful dystopian world in which, each year, a group of young people from each of the districts in which is divided the world are chosen for fight to the death a millionaire television audience, a distorted version of the myth of the Minotaur’s labyrinth which has led to a literary and cinematic trilogy tetralogy of worldwide success.

“It is not at all a typical movie teen, The Hunger Games is very deep issues and tries to convey an important message about war and violence, “argues Jennifer Lawrence , star of the series, during his visit to Madrid to promote Los Hunger Games:. Mockingjay – Part 2 tape will put an end to the story the next November 27

Violence is indeed one of the main themes of the film. However, as happened in previous chapters, this is very smooth compared to the novels. EXPICA As the film’s director, Francis Lawrence, the decision is not arbitrary. “The book talks a lot about violence and its consequences. Suzanne, the author, not cut at all when it explicit. In part, I think that’s what won him the respect of adolescents who read his novel. But my job as a director was to make everything to be as intense and faithful as possible to the book but without crossing the line on the other side of which we would have a rating that would have made it impossible for the teenagers who read the book could go to see the movie, “the director explains.

In the universe of The Hunger Games , everything revolves around the idea of ​​rebellion against the oppressive forces , an issue that the leading actress says it is not so far from reality. “What is shown in the film, political repression, yes that exists today” , however, she has another personal battle, “the rebellion that I’d like to wake up would be a for the environment: raise awareness among young people that we have only one planet that climate change is real and not a myth, and that if we do nothing we will destroy the planet

Claiming the role of women

The rebellion has already started to lead, but do not dare to recognize, is the wages of women in the film industry. Almost like a sinsajo Hollywood female sector, Lawrence recently dared to denounce the pay gap between men and women in the Mecca of cinema. “I can not compare myself in real life with a heroine who leads a revolution save the world but it is true that these films have served me as a platform to claim this issue as a woman I care a lot, “he explained.

Her feminist image is especially appropriate for a movie like this where women have some of the most important roles in the plot. His co-star, Josh Hutcherson, who plays Peeta, has not hesitated to talk about it. “It is sad that in these films is a minority when really in the world there are more women than men. I think it is starting to prove that the male audience is able to connect with strong female protagonists. We still have much road, but are improving. Of course, when I read the script I did not think ‘Oh my God, I am the secondary character of a female protagonist’ “he says.

As for the love and sex part, The Hunger Games is very far from the topics of youth literature and cinema. The director explains it very clearly. “The relationships that we see in the film are not sexual, are based on feelings and experiences of the characters. Katniss is closer Peeta because the two go together very traumatic experiences. The meaning of the two male characters Katniss not It is sexual, is much more related to what they mean for her from the philosophical point of view “, tells Francis Lawrence.

One issue hotly debated by fans is the fact that as was done in the sagas Harry Potter and Twilight , the latest novel trilogy, Mockingjay , it has been divided into two in his movie. The explanation for this has given producer Nina Jacobson.

“The last book had a lot of ground to cover and thought, both in terms of characters and history, took two movies to do it justice” it states. “As prequels or sequels no plan at the moment. We had three wonderful books, we have made four films, we have a good time and we would love to return to do other things together but we feel that have told the whole story. If the author of the book decided to write something else, then we would see, “adds Jacobson.

If the producer is right, Mockingjay be the finale of one of the highest grossing franchise in recent years, an adventure whose shooting ended with an “emotional and long hug” according realata Liam Hemsworth ?? ?? and that has served to make Jennifer Lawrence one of the biggest stars of Hollywood of the century.

With an Oscar under his arm (for The good side of Things ), dyed blond hair, the confession that took some clothes from shooting Mockingjay and a very distracted attitude ?? perhaps by the long tour that is taking throughout the world to promote the latest installment of the saga ??, Lawrence says goodbye to the press, Madrid (city he has visited three times but which has not yet breathed the air) and Katniss to start a new adventure in probably less dystopian worlds.


Jennifer Lawrence: “I would like young people aware that climate change is real”
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November 11, 2015

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