Join the beta program of Dolphin Browser Play Store

Dolphin part in the beta program for the Dolphin Browser Play Store

Since there are several applications that use the Play Store to manage their programs betas, such as Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, be a great mechanism to have available for our download the latest versions, because apart from using our phones to common daily tasks, too many people use it to test the different developments that are being applied in your favorite applications.

Dolphin Browser usually offer their betas everyone, and one of his biggest hits is to have paths of different browsers versions available from Google Play, but now thanks to this feature of the Play Store, and does not involve much hassle having to be “diving” between different betas that had so far.

Dolphin is that you can find on Android, its long experience in the operating system of Google is its great asset, and is an application that works wonders with options which makes it one of the rivals to beat by other explorers websites like Chrome, Opera or Firefox.

The steps required to gain access to the beta and so to download it directly from Google Play then you show them.


Community Participate Google+ Dolphin Browser Beta Testers from this link .

  • Then in the next page that you can address from this link also, do click on” Become a Tester “
  • download Dolphin Browser from the Play Store
  • Since Dolphin has joined this program beta Play Store, shortly presumably, that start pushing some version in the coming weeks or days.

    A beta program was needed in Google Play, and allows not having to be at different versions of an application, and with easy steps you can be right before the latest updates to our favorite application receives.

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    Join the beta program of Dolphin Browser Play Store
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    September 12, 2013

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