Julián López left in evidence the limitations of the awards galas in Spain with his monologue in the Fierce

Julian Lopez

last Night was held the fifth Awards gala Fierce, a sort of antechamber of the Goya organized by the Association of Journalists in Film from Spain, and that, to this day, it will be labeled as a homologous fatherland of the Golden Globes americans.

This comparison has finished transcending to its nature as a preamble to the awards main of the season film, to be reflected also in a style that, especially this year, you have tried to imitate with little good fortune to the ceremony us.

a Good sample of this has been the monologue with the Julian Lopez gave the kick off to an evening marked by the four awards ‘Summer 1993’ and the celebrated speech of the Javis to pick up their Ferocious best comedy by ‘The call’. Something less than a quarter of an hour, despite having a script halfway decent spiced with a good dose of acidity and bad grapes, not leaves of be a failed attempt to replicate the wild shows that he has given Ricky Gervais in all of his appearances as conductor of the Golden Globes.

Before anything, I must confess that I have always defended Julian Lopez, considering it as one of my “chanantes” favorites —above Ernesto Sevilla and Joaquin Reyes who, interestingly, presented the póxima gala of the Goya. There is more to see some of their histriónicas shares in ‘The comedy club’ to check that exudes freshness and ability to generate comedy; it is for this reason that a good part of the failure of the initial number of Fierce I put this down to a bad decision of casting.

it Gives you the feeling of that, you have fallen into the hands of a presenter with the ability to splurge a poor baba with the height of the speech —I still dream of that Rosa María Sardá present all the events of this court until the end of his career—, the monologue would have enjoyed more humor and, of course, of a greater impact. Unfortunately, what we ended up seeing was a Lopez out of his element and unable to provide to its performance of this fluidity that characterizes him, poblándola of silences and pauses endless.

beyond the master of ceremonies, surprised by the coldness of a public, except for honorable exceptions —Antonio of the Tower and the Javis seemed to be enjoying the show, was particularly frozen in front of the jokes and “attacks” to attendees and nominees.

it was precisely the creators of ‘The call’ the most celebrated labels of friends partying and the substances —the allusion to the jaws mismatching of Lopez was anything but subtle—; reaching the high point of the complicity of the respectable cheering Julita, the absolute star of ‘Many children, a monkey and a castle’.

In contrast to this last moment is the ice cream reception of the first and expected chascarrillo on sexual abuse: “We are the best kept secret of the Spanish cinema. That, and the name of our sexual harassers”. A sentence followed by a a deathly silence and uncomfortable.

A silence of those that invite you to feel a bit of shame of others and that pushes me to a question: how is it possible that the stalls of the last gala of the Golden Globes reaccionase best jokes from Seth Meyers on Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey when you have the problem at home?

Maybe this is not the way to go. the Maybe we should give up copying the style of yankee when, obviously, we don’t play in the same league. With this I do not mean, nor much less, that we have to return to see Antonio Resines rapping as in the 2012 Goya; but adapt the content of these evenings to suck talent which shut our borders, it is very likely that we stopped to take the hands to the head —or the remote to change the channel every time they are broadcast on television.

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Julián López left in evidence the limitations of the awards galas in Spain with his monologue in the Fierce
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January 23, 2018

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