Kairosoft puts us in the shoes of a home in Dream House Days

The company Kairosoft has already managed to become a reference in Android with its management games. So far, we have seen deliveries similaares with various environments, from slums in the that developed games , to pyramids colossal , through simple cafes. The game before us today is something more earthy, as Dream House Day s we have to manage an apartment complex.

The truth is that it is surprising that Japanese developers have not tried before this type of atmosphere, maybe because we are at the less flashy game they have released so far. This does not mean it’s bad, of course, but we’re talking about a developer that recently launched in Japan a racetrack manager. That does not mean that Dream House Days is boring, of course. In fact, I would say it’s a game that will have more success than his predecessors in the West.


That’s because, thanks to the mechanical romance and customization of the apartments and their inhabitants, the game remembers (aloof) to Sims . We started with an apartment simpleton, who only has a bed sad and our first tenant. From there we will dress the little house with all kinds of accessories and furniture to make your life easier. Each cabinet improves quality of life, but we have to think ourselves very well what to buy and where to place it, as both money and space are limited.


As conditions improve apartments , we hire agencies to seek new customers. These customers have different expectations depending on the job they have and what they are willing to pay. Of course, an empty apartment does not want anyone, so at first touch us make a major investment. Once the complex begins to fill with people, start the other game mechanics, romance. Two tenants can fall in love, and even have children over time . It will be important to meet their changing needs while we play with the availability of empty flats to attract more affluent tenants .


Unlike most catalog of Kairosoft, Dream House Days is free . Of course, if we remove the ads and play in widescreen, we can make a single payment of € 2.99.

[app] net.kairosoft.android.apart_en [/app]

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Kairosoft puts us in the shoes of a home in Dream House Days
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February 6, 2013

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