‘Knightfall’ is confirmed as a great disappointment, despite the improvement in their final episodes

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a few weeks Ago in Espinof I had our first impressions on ‘Knightfall’ and I were driving our fear to predict that the series would go for frames fantastic for more than the historical accuracy. Unfortunately, our predictions were true.

For the most clueless, ‘Knightfall’ is the story in 10 episodes of the fall of the Order of the Temple before the final loss of Acre in the year 1291, after the abandonment of the templars before the muslim forces. The series takes us to Paris 15 years after this fact, showing the knights weakened but at the same time represented as close collaborators and the service of the king Felipe IV.

we Continue with the lack of historical rigor and frames-of-whack

As you can appreciate is a frame in which the branches of argument can be broad, and not all of them must be of extreme accuracy, but after watching the season there is a plot that directly is unacceptable. We discovered that convert to Aragon in the kingdom of Catalonia had not been a delusion in the second episode of the season if not that will be part of a sub-plot of queen Juana which speaks of the kingdom of Catalonia with total conviction.

not to mention lightness with which historical characters die away completely from its true end. Remember that we are before a series of the History Channel although we can enjoy in HBO España, so that the historical errors squeak even more.

Tom Cullen and Olivia Ross

In the main plot we are looking at the decline of the knights templar after this failure at the cross, the only hope of returning to fight for the Holy Land is to find the Holy Grail. Through the eight episodes we accompany Landry (Tom Cullen) in their relentless search. What may result as a history of puzzles and adventures just proving disappointing because of the limited means of production and poverty in their realization.

And what to say of the subplots… the queen Joan is treated at the whim of the king of France, and in the last few episodes ninguneada, something that seems unthinkable because the queen was not only important in their “Kingdom of Catalonia” if you are not representing one of the greatest powers and is worthy of doubt, that in these frames the palatial treated in such a way.

there is No balance between the main plot and the plots of the palace, in the first episodes more importance is given to intrigues, in which must appear a villain, in this case Of Nogaret (Julian Ovenden) that manages to confuse and get everything that is proposed for their own benefit, leaving therefore aside the search for the Grail is supposed to be the main attraction of the series.

Knightfll Characters

what leads to this primacy of the subframes is denote the delay in the progress of the plot main and we found a few two final episodes, we can say that the best of the season, where is left to characters and focuses so frantic to resolve the search for the Holy Grail.

These two final episodes despite its momentum by the end and start frames are the most dynamic and interesting of the season leaving the door open to a possible second installment. The folly in the historical accuracy are constant but if there is something that fails even more ‘Knightfall’ is in the treatment of several characters.

The characters, the great problem of the ‘Knightfall’

Knightfall Master

The character of Elizabeth (Sabrina Bartllet), the daughter of Juana and king Felipe, or Isabella as we prefer to name it in the series, disappears completely in the last few episodes and this is a way too fickle their motivations, what makes this character someone entirely dispensable, as the rest of their siblings that did not directly appear in the production.

Jeanne (Olivia Ross), the queen, as we have stated, suffers a treatment quite wrong and your weakness is not accompanied with this figure of powerful and romantic that it is portraying, but what is more pathetic is the figure of the king of France (Ed Stoppard) it looks like more of a parody.

Nogaret is perhaps the character that adds to the game in his role as the villain, but that, like many others, is directly forgotten in the end of the season, in addition to being a character with a missing package, and that fails in its attempt to become a “Pinky” of the time of the knights templar.

Julian Ovenden and Ed Stoppard

Tom Cullen who plays Landry, the absolute protagonist, leaves everything on the physical plane but scarce their involvement on an emotional level, it is precisely the key point that makes the difference with the rest of his fellow templars. Their instincts and emotions create the basis of the plot and the personality of the protagonist. In short, the characters lack spark.

Our instinct when watching the first few episodes we seemed to portend more lack of historical rigor and the little that would captivate the frames added to it , and so it has happened, ‘Knightfall’ does not meet expectations despite having everything in their favor. Will have to wait for a possible second season and want an improvement in the treatment of the series.

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The news ‘Knightfall’ is confirmed as a great disappointment, despite the improvement in their final episodes was originally published in Espinof by Lara Ben-Ameur .


‘Knightfall’ is confirmed as a great disappointment, despite the improvement in their final episodes
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February 14, 2018

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