League of Heroes, free experience the noble art of fantasy hero

It seems not, but the editors of Free Android from time to time we passed by the comments area. And the latest games that we have discussed here, there is a trend that is repeated in them: the prices are too high. It seems necessary to pay a certain amount to enjoy a game of quality and appropriate length, but nothing is further from the truth. To demonstrate this, we present League of Heroes , a free game that is literally endless.

This is a action RPG, in the you control a hero with no less heroic mission to protect a village and its inhabitants of all kinds of evil beings, you know, the classics like goblins, orcs, collectors Playable Finance … The scheme could not be simpler. Kill monsters, looting their bodies to get money and treasures, and returns to the village to upgrade your weapons and armor. Talk to a villager, and this will send you kill more monsters. Repeat till you drop or until the battery runs out of your Android, whichever is earlier.

And what of” till you drop “I’m not exaggerating. The game uses a system of randomness with which we are presented with several challenges, commensurate with the level and the amount of damage we can do. Also, if you allow an Internet connection the game will use the time and the weather where you are. If you play at night, it will be night in the game . And if it rains, too. It is something that brings much difference playable, but are details that help break the monotony of which tend to demonstrate this type of game after a while.

It is best that the production level of the game at a good level stripe with a graphic style that gives an air of cartoons on Saturday morning. Although enemies topics fit the genre, there are some original designs dyes as the bosses. Summarizing, League of Heroes offers many hours of play, and totally free . Yes, we must warn you to monetize the game developers they often take a while if we have run out of energy, a limitation that disappears if paid.

League of Heroes on Google Play.

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League of Heroes, free experience the noble art of fantasy hero
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November 3, 2012

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