LMT Launcher: anywhere access from anywhere (ROOT)

LMT-Launcher Android-Tablet

You often see that launchers try to excel in certain areas where other cogean , because otherwise they would have no place in today’s market. Competition is very high and users will not hesitate to dismiss an application quickly if you miss your target in the first few uses. And this fact is enhanced in the category of launchers.

LMT Launcher 1

Today I LMT Launcher , an application that give a new perspective on how to manage our phone . And while not a proper launcher, it does somehow improving the way we use the phone. Although the title is a bit ambiguous (could not think of anything better), what you say is absolutely true. Imagine take shortcuts fullscreen browser and use it to access any part of the phone or to any particular action. LMT Launcher is the perfect tool to us access to certain commands from anywhere in the phone without having a cooked ROM .

This is a of those applications that probably squeeze a few hours we , including adjustments and tests to reach the configuration we want. But the good thing about it is the ability to configure all pushbuttons , use gestures to complete actions and establish areas invisible so that we can execute tasks from anywhere. There are options to set custom colors , buttons that can be converted into shares certain and more .

It is a very good idea and help us manage an entirely new way our terminal . Only need root permissions to enjoy it as it is completely free and works for all androids . For more information on our smartphone if it works we look at the official post XDA Dev .

Note: To install copy the apk downloaded to your smartphone and run the file through our administrator favorite file

Download LMT Launcher 1.85

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LMT Launcher: anywhere access from anywhere (ROOT)
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January 30, 2013

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