Manuela Velasco: “I’m sick of television as we call something derogatory”


  • “People think I appeared with ‘Rec’ and had spent years working, doing casting, figuration, my education …” says the actress who combines ‘Velvet’ with the work ‘all lies’ (Teatro Lara)
  • “now you see situations couple why’ve spent 20 years and think this will resolve now at a time.”.

Manuela Velasco

Starring Manuela Velasco (1975) the work Everything is a lie , in the Lara theater, and is the first time the legendary film Arnero arrives at the theater .

is inserted in the role of Lucia, who made Penelope Cruz .

plays the role of the protagonist of that film that marked a generation, which is also yours …
Yes, it was a shock and best gift. Because it was a movie of my generation, we scored, I knew the dialogues. But the role he had imposed so well done Penelope Cruz.

Scored Generation X, you do have seen the millennials ?
I do not know, I think the younger ones do not know. Now there is so much on offer … It’s not like when we had 20. I would like to thank the work saw the movie.

What does not scare you? For those of comparisons …
No longer. At first did not remove me from head to Penelope, how could I?

Do you think that helps not resemble anything?
I do not. What has helped me most was separate from the film completely. That’s when it worked, when I took off.

What it also served to look back to those years?
Yes, you see such situations couple when you were 20 and you say I solved it this far at a time. And what a pleasure to have gone through this stage of life. What I find most difficult character is part of infatuation, conflict enjoy it much more.

What does not hurt a bit too ?, not touch any key?
Toca much the key of nostalgia.’ve already gone through that time and can not return

that sounds crisis 40 …
It’s like a strange number border and step completely. I’m in a wonderful time, I refuse to devote energy to it.

What do a number ( Velvet ) already has four seasons not just removing a lot of energy?
no, I could combine it with the theater and has not had time to hastiarme.

Do you watch TV?
not much, because I’m late for the theater that’s when it’s easier to see … and now that I’m close their eyes. What I do every day, like a ritual, is getting up two hours before pick me up. Even if it is at six o’clock. And there I read

Do you think that your career is, to not stop saving
It is being.?; I’m living the whole process. People believe that appeared with Rec and took the Goya, but had long working. With Rec was 31 and had 10 making all figuration character of a sentence, unnamed friend, named character, casting advertising … And I was in the 40 because I left time for go every day to shape me with Corazza, after studying with Cristina Rota.

But Rec will occupy a place of honor, right?
Yes, I opened many doors, but my character Cristina in Velvet is also the apple of my eye. And it is television, which here still reviled.

So you feel it?
I’m sick of hearing that we tache of television with scornfully. I do telly, what happens? To do television is very difficult. What I ask for is a little respect, because it costs a lot of work to make a series


Manuela Velasco: “I’m sick of television as we call something derogatory”
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April 14, 2016

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