Memory, a in-app gallery simple and beautiful focusing on your favorite photos

Memory, an app gallery simple and beautiful focusing on your favorite photos

If you take a lot of time stuck in the world of the Android mobile surely you’ve come across with Vertumus. His real name is Viktor and is the creator of numerous icon packs (33 in total) that can be downloaded at Google Play. The two most popular are Elun, which is worth 0.89 euros and has over 80,000 downloads, and Umbra, who accumulates more than 50,000.

His latest project is a Memory, a gallery app, simple to use that stands out for the design of its interface. The launched last December 20 in Google Play and have had the opportunity to take the glove.

Mark your photos with hearts and store them in favorites

Memory 1

Memory, as the entire app gallery, it shows all the photos and videos that are in the memory of your terminal. It is divided in three sections, to know: “My Photos”, where all the files are listed sorted in a chronological way; “My Albums”, just like with the albums, and “My Favourites”, which is where the main added value of the app.

All the pictures have the symbol of a heart on the bottom right. If what you are pressing, the image will be saved in the section “My Favourites” to make it easy to locate it. It is an interesting option to have on hand the images that are worth uploading to Instagram or to a capture of screen important do not lose your entire library.

you can Also add photos to albums hidden” and protect them with password

it Has, in turn, with different filtering options to sort the photos by name, path, size and date, to be ascending or descending. It can be applied at the global level (that is to say, in all the photos) or, if desired, individually to each album. You can also add a filter by format to just show the images and videos and not GIFS, for example.

Memory 2

From the settings, which can be accessed by opening the side menu, you’ll be able to set a password for access to your photos or albums hidden, to change the layout of the interface and enable an option to make the images rotate when you rotate the smartphone while the auto-rotation is disabled.

Memory app is a completely free but, yes, you will have ads. Right now it is new and not shown, but it may not take long to arrive. Has a Pro version that is worth 0,99 euros which not only removes the advertising but also enables more customization options, and the vault safe, which is a sort of hidden folder encrypted.

Memory - Photo Gallery

Memory – Photo Gallery0.6.1.3

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Memory, a in-app gallery simple and beautiful focusing on your favorite photos
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December 23, 2018

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