MindNode 4 for iOS: Apple Watch now

MindNode 4 for iOS: now in Watch Apple

After the arrival of MindNode 2 for Mac iOS version up to version 4 including many of the improvements of his older sister and step reaching new member Family: Apple Watch

Although it was expected that both 2 for Mac MindNode MindNode 4 for iOS and arrived the same day the public, a delay by the App Store team when approving the iPhone and iPad version has finished IdeasOnCanvas upsetting plans. Problems are history since we can now upgrade for free to version 4 in the App Store. An update that brings many improvements that we saw yesterday in OS X and presents a new version of MindNode, the Apple Watch.

The update is free for all users The main innovations are found in the range of options that we have in creating a mental map. The first one is the Notes , which you can access from the content menu (where we usually choose the text format) or, once added, by clicking on the node and then to tap into ” Show Notes “in the conceptual menu where you usually copy and paste. This small change is especially appreciated on small screens, since we can now create more concise nodes and leave the explanations in the background.

For the more visual we have added a pack of stickers along with the possibility of including photos allow us to create mental maps as visual. These stickers have been designed specifically for the app and are available in two versions: color and tinted by the color of the node. Furthermore, with the idea of ​​facilitating the understanding at the time of linking ideas, it has added the option to add text inside to create connections between nodes. So we will never forget what their relationship.

Although the option that I liked most is to choose the distribution that we like . This feature, which allows us to choose the direction you are going to create new nodes, we can save time if, like me, almost all have mental maps are diagrams and expand to one side.

In addition, this update brings new “aesthetic” options to customize the look of our mental map. A existing typefaces has added the ability to download new. They have also been added 3 new songs and the ability to create a customized according to our preferences and tastes

Also in Watch

Finally, MindNode 4 for iOS brings a shortened version for Apple Watch where we see our documents as” outline “or schema. How you would imagine in the largest Watch 42mm is very difficult to see and get around a mental map, hence from IdeasOnCanvas have used the more schematic version. As usual in all current apps watch the performance leaves much to be desired, something that will not change until Apple releases permanently SDK Watch OS.

As for the utility, if true it is not an app that will use daily, but can be useful if we have to make a statement: create a mind map with key ideas and looking as we need. Something much more civilized than apuntárnoslo in the back of the hand.

If you liked you can download MindNode 4 for iOS and Apple Watch for 9.99€ . in the App Store, or if you’ve already purchased, upgrade for free in the same place


MindNode 4 for iOS: Apple Watch now
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June 4, 2015

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