Mobile ODIN Pro 4.0, flashing modems, Download mode and support for KitKat


Mobile ODIN Pro is a modified version for Android phones by the famous developer Chainfire of the popular program for root Samsung Windows terminals, Odin. This mobile version has all the features of the desktop version (flash ROMs, kernels, PIT, PDA, …) simplified and optimized to perform from a mobile phone .

Throughout the various updates, Mobile ODIN has evolved considerably, adding support for new devices and incorporating new tools. Now Chainfire Announces Version 4.0 of Mobile ODIN Pro for Android , which improves upon the prior version fixes bugs and compatibility with the latest mobile just out or just updated.

Support for new devices

support has been added for the S4 and Note3 with updates to Android 4.4 KitKat . This has taken considerable time and effort to do so, especially delicate Case Note 3 and its numerous protective measures. Fortunately the owners of any of the Samsung Star mobile can rest easy and mess with your terminal carefree but have upgraded to the leaked versions of KitKat.

Flashing modems

The feature most important in this fourth version is the ability to flash images modems . As partitions are often protected, flash modems can cause certain problems. To protect against this, it has introduced new code can detect these additional protections, such as Tringle Away, and if possible turn them independently to avoid affecting the partition.

 Mobile Odin Pro 4.0

In short, now you can flash modems via Mobile ODIN a more safely because the program checks the protections that could cause problems.


in Download Mode

Another unique new feature of version 4 is its ability to automatically restart phone in Download mode after flashing . This is useful if you flash bootloaders, TrustZone or other partitions that you can not even flash via Mobile ODIN desired. Using this, we flash an update to Android while the root is preserved by EverRoot , we can automatically go to Download and flash in the concrete partitions you want.

Other developments include the renewal SuperSU 1.89 , the last update, compatible with versions 4.4 KitKat Note 3 and Galaxy S4 that have appeared and have forced all developers to check their compatibility again.

For those who wants to take advantage of ODIN 4 we leave the link to the free version of XDA exclusive and the link to the payment application in the Play Store. For those who rootean their Samsung handsets, Mobile ODIN Pro v4.0 will be a great incentive.

Download Mobile Odin 4th Lite (free version)

Application Google Play

Source + Chainfire

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Mobile ODIN Pro 4.0, flashing modems, Download mode and support for KitKat
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January 17, 2014

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