Motorola may launch three smartphones after X Phone

logo1 motorola Motorola might launch three smartphones after X Phone


put all eggs in one basket for your Motorola X Phone is a success . The company need a breath of fresh air after Google has little enthusiasm for products of the technology giant.

Various rumors suggest that the X Motorola Phone will ship in summer, between June and July. But new information indicates that the firm estadounidens and launch at least three Motorola smartphones, after X Phone.
These new devices will for sale throughout the third quarter. One of them could be a phablet , a segudo would have a four-inch screen. Neither MAXX belong to the range, known for the duration of their batteries.

The third model is the one that has attracted my attention. And it is already rumored to Motorola and Google could be working on a device at a price lower than the Nexus 4 and it would be sold off. A Nexus 5?

This enigmatic model come along the fourth quarter of the year, I guess to bust Christmas sales. We will have to controlling Motorola , because it gives me the U.S. giant will give a lot of trouble this year.

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Motorola may launch three smartphones after X Phone
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March 30, 2013

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