Movistar+ announces ‘Paradise’: its new original series is a ‘Stranger Things’ Spanish

Movistar+ announces 'Paradise': its new original series is a 'Stranger Things' Spanish

The clear trail that has been marked ‘Stranger Things‘ it is too important and everyone wants to pull of nostalgia of a fantastic way. And on this occasion it is Movistar+ that do not want to miss the opportunity give us a good dose of that and announces new series: ‘Paradise‘.

Created by Fernando González Molina (‘Brain drain‘, ‘Three meters above the sky‘) next to Ruth García (‘The internship‘) and David Olive (‘protected‘), we found a number fantastic that combines the drama of youth, science fiction and mystery set in a village up in 1992.

‘Paradise’, have, in eight episodes, the story of the disappearance of three girls of fifteen years (Sandra, Eva and Malena). Javi, the little brother of one of them will start a research with your friends that will take them to discover that their kidnappers are not of this world.

even Though it may seem, according to the argument, that more ‘Stranger Things’ we find ‘Dark‘, already seeing the graphic art and the statements of González Molina (speaking of Spielberg, and ‘Summer Blue’) looks like that we’re going to have a good dose of nostalgia.

“Paradise is born of our passion for telling a fantastic story that connect with the leaders of our adolescence: the cinema of Spielberg, the series V, but also Summer Blue or Peers. And connect them with the stories that I liked to have at the movies: epics, emotional, seeking first of all to the enjoyment of the viewer. Paradise is a trip to the cinema for entertainment that we loved and made us dedicate ourselves to this, but it’s also a story about loss and about the difficulty of being a teenager when you are different”

The themes of nostalgia are always difficult, because sometimes the writers and directors are more attentive to give us a feast of references that tell a good story. It is a challenge that not everyone gets. For the moment we will have to wait for 2020 to do so.


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Movistar+ announces ‘Paradise’: its new original series is a ‘Stranger Things’ Spanish
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March 13, 2019

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