‘My family lives in Alaska’, the entertaining adventures of the clan Brown


The chains of DTT are full of many, many spaces of the genus docurreality. What you know, do a zapping fast, and most of those channels that came with the new batch have a grill that is overflowing with this kind of content. That’s not to say that all of these programs are the same. It is important to be attentive to them so they don’t spend gems such as ‘My family lives in Alaska’ that is issued in Discovery MAX.

The premise is cool. A family of hermit decides to leave for Alaska to start a new life. We are so accustomed to meet characters of all types in this type of programs. So, how can they be Brown, its protagonists? As always, the casting is key behind a good idea of program. And, in this case, the Brown family could not be more interesting.

Bill, Ami, and their seven kids

The Browns are led by Bill, the patriarch. Drag a family tragedy that changed her life completely. Bill’s wife is Ami, who also has a sad past which is revealed in the program, and together they have formed a home in the conditions and situations more difficult. This has become a survivors full of resources.

‘My family lives in Alaska’, we see it as building a house, such as heal wounds, such as energy, food, and are solved as a thousand and one situations with much wit. The Browns do not have minimal contact with other people and have learned to fend for themselves in the making of a thousand and one adventures.

Because this program is extremely fast and dynamic, very entertaining. But also, it shows us a group of people with which it is easy to empathize. The Browns and their seven children form a group that complements and, above all, you want to and help in difficult moments.

yes, we can not leave the comment nor the Browns, since they are famous, have not been able to remain isolated from certain scandals. Even many doubt that, really, to live in the wild. And you, what do you think?

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‘My family lives in Alaska’, the entertaining adventures of the clan Brown
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November 11, 2016