New Kindle Oasis: as expensive as perfect for book lovers

New Kindle Oasis: as expensive as perfect for book lovers

the new Amazon Kindle Oasis change its design to suit lefties and righties and long periods of reading.

Amazon is still in find the perfect eBook reader . And as often happens with each iteration of its famous Kindle, performance and user experience earn integers each year since the launch of the original in 2007. Now, with intent to give a twist to the Voyage introduced last year, Amazon have rethought how it has to be an e-book and started from scratch. A zero that starts with the official launch of Kindle Oasis.

This time, as we have explained from Amazon, there is an evolution of its popular e-book reader, but a return to start rethinking the concept and reading experience. The new Amazon Oasis diametrically breaks Kindle classic shape, but retains the essence of being a simple device and 100% focused on reading.

 Kindle Oasis-9

it is, today, Kindle finest and lightest of all , and this is partly thanks to its new design and shape changes its center of gravity, sliding it to the hand to make it more comfortable while reading. Yes, the woodcock a bit about the idea that we had the Kindle design, but the fact is that few seconds in hand show the whole concept that Amazon wants to start.

Changes diametrically design to suit use with both hands Now, the new Kindle Oasis breaks the uniform of previous generations into two design: a thicker (which is still thinner than previous Kindle) which houses the circuitry, battery and sensors, and other finer occupying the entire screen, which greatly facilitates the grip and, according to the company, it is ideal for long periods of reading. It does not matter if you’re right or left handed, the new Kindle Oasis is really comfortable, and have transferred the entire battery and electronics to the side by which the user holds it can move from one page to another intuitively and without losing focus on reading.

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 Kindle Oasis-2

 Kindle Oasis -3

the interesting thing is that the new Kindle is included a holster with battery increases its autonomy from two weeks to nine . And thanks to its charging system, 10 minutes with the battery installed represent 30 minutes of autonomy of the device in read mode. The cover, available in three colors and made of leather, is connected to the device via magnets and has un-lit rest similar system of the smart cover iPad, becoming available in three colors, black, burgundy and walnut

 Kindle Oasis -11

with respect to other functions is similar to previous devices, although now an accelerometer that lets you change the orientation of the screen and functionality of the buttons automatically, depending on the hand with which the device is lame is included. The screen keeps 300ppp but increases its brightness by including 60% more LEDs, protected with a high-strength glass.

The new Kindle Oasis will be available the next few weeks, although bookable for a price of 289.99 euros , which includes the device and battery cover with skin the color you want the user. With the arrival of this new Kindle, Amazon also will keep selling the basic Kindle (79 euros), the Kindle Paperwhite (129.99 euros) and Kindle Voyage (189.99 euros), tier price for user type.

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New Kindle Oasis: as expensive as perfect for book lovers
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April 13, 2016

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