New Nintendo 3DS XL: first impressions

After a long wait has finally come today to the New European and American market and Nintendo 3DS XL version

The wait is over. Today has finally come to Spain the New Nintendo 3DS and its variant XL. They have had to spend five months since it was announced for the Japanese market and another 4 since launch in Australia and New Zealand, but we can already buy the latest Nintendo handheld. As “nintendero” lifetime I could not resist and these are my first impressions after spending 24 hours glued to the New Nintendo 3DS XL.

The first thing that can draw attention is the model we have chosen The XL version. For many it is more expensive, heavy and above has neither the expected “faceplates” (faceplates) or with the ABXY colored like the Super NES controller buttons. Clearly it is not as “cool” as the “normal” version console, but for me it offers a superior gaming experience thanks to its size and a larger screen. Not to mention the feeling of improvement is greater if we come from the original 3DS.

The key is the . Yes, it has the same resolution of 800×240 pixels than the original model and that means a lower density going from 3.53 “to 4.88”, but the new panel is of much higher quality (where colors are reproduced more true), not to mention the size XL (very similar to the PsVita) screen helps us appreciate all the details of a game. For months playing Pokémon Sapphire Alpha and within 24 hours I’ve spent in the New 3DS XL I discovered details that until now had been unable to see in my original 3DS.

3D finally works as must Y may sound weird, but the greatest improvement of the screen is undoubtedly the 3D . Nintendo finally has made the 3D glasses work and that is an improvement in the making. With the original 3DS 3D was typical feature encendías when you were teaching the console to a friend and then you kept off while playing, because how uncomfortable it was to keep the console at a fixed point for the 3D effect is not broke.

With the new model the situation is radically different. Thanks to the new indicator and internal infrared camera, the New 3DS can know the position of our eyes and thus adapt the 3D effect to our movement. This means that we can play safely in any situation with active 3D without having to worry about our position. And now to play with active 3D is comfortable, experience in games like Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask reaches a new level.

Another new features that I found particularly positive, despite absence thereof I could try as much as I would like, are new controls . Nintendo should having included as standard in the first model and so we had avoided seeing the monster Circle Pad Pro . There are still few games that allow us to use them, but are well positioned and it is natural to use. On the second joystick or, as he calls Nintendo, Lever C , first impressions are better than I expected. Indeed, it does not move an inch and reminds the little button that included the ThinkPad and aan that’s pretty accurate (without reaching the level of the slider). As for the ZR / LR , I like how they have solved the problem of adding two new triggers without having to make the thickest console.

The new position of the stylus unsatisfactory The new model also elements have been repositioned . The switch to turn off and turn on the WiFi is gone and now controlled from the Software and the volume control is located on the screen rather than in the body of the console. Personally, I love the new situation of the volume, since it is not so simple upload inadvertently while you’re playing, for example, Super Smash Bros on the bus. Other elements that have changed places are the game cartridge, the headphone, charger, the stick, the power button and the Start and Select .

The new position headset and charger (center console) is really convenient, since it no longer lie next to where rest our hands. They have also returned to its natural position the Start and Select keys, which are under the ABXY , the same place they occupied in the DS Lite and DSi. As the cartridge, it is rare to see down there but it is much more convenient for them, not having to turn the console.

While the worst change of all is the stylus . In the original 3DS was located on the top, next to the cartridge as in the first DS. For the original XL they stood on the right side, and the DS Lite and DSi. Now it is at the bottom of the console, although it is easier to access it in the original 3DS is a less natural than the right lateral position.

As for the speed I have not been able to prove any game that takes full advantage of the new hardware, but I can say that the improvement is remarkable. Move through menus on the console and in and out of games is much faster, which I appreciate when you want to take a quick game. Similarly, the discharge time on the eShop has been significantly reduced, good news for those wanting to be all digital.

The N3DS is an intermediate jump that many users will appreciate In general, the early hours with the New Nintendo 3DS XL have been quite positive, and except the boring process of to transfer data, the change could not be better. The system is the same, but the hardware has improved so much (from original 3DS) that makes you want to play more and more into it. The 3DS console has more hours of fun has given me in recent months, so considering my original model and were aged, the update was more than justified for me. However, this is not a new generation if not an intermediate hop and some features like the new controls can be enjoyed in the old models using accessories, so the purchase is not required. Yes, the staunchest users thank


New Nintendo 3DS XL: first impressions
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