Novelty Google Maps: search reviews a place to find the information that you are interested in


Google Maps is becoming the benchmark to find reviews about any place on earth. Thanks in part to your program Local Guides, some locations accumulate thousands and even hundreds of thousands of reviews in Google Maps. Now you can use a search engine to find the that you mentioned what you want to know.

Until now, Google had used your solution to everything, algorithms, to highlight the reviews more useful and generate a summary of reviews, but the result is very general: it helps you to get an idea of the place, yes, but what if you want to know a particular fact? the Before you’d have to read the reviews without stopping as if they were a text book, but now finally you have a search engine.


let’s Imagine that you’re looking for a restaurant in your area on Google Maps because you fancy a lot to eat a bocata of calamari. Until now your only hope was to check reviews until someone mentioned that snack, whilst you can now use the browser to leave doubts in seconds.

Search If you want to know something… search for it

To use the new search reviews in Google Maps for Android go to the ( reviews of a place. This may seem obvious, but in the first page of information already shown some reviews selected and another section with “all the reviews” – none of them have the search engine.

An interesting point of the search is that you can combine filters that already existed before (more useful, more recent, higher valuation, and valuation (low). In this way you can contrast opinions between those who say that the chorizo sandwich is a disaster and those who consider it a delicacy.

Filters The same search with two different filters

you Already know that nothing is true and nothing is a lie, it all depends on the review that you look, and now have it fairly easier to verify. Perhaps this novelty is not very relevant in places with few reviews, but in the build up thousands of reviews it seems essential.

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Novelty Google Maps: search reviews a place to find the information that you are interested in
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May 30, 2018

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