Nvidia Tegra Phoenix 4i – features and price

 Phoenix 4i

Introducing the new processor , NVIDIA has surprised us with a new smartphone preesntacion called Phoenix that integrates 4i Tegra chip, a low-cost version of the Tegra 4 that run at 2.3 Ghz and will come with LTE modem.

Besides the processor, the Nvidia Tegra Phoenix 4i has some other NVIDIA technologies as the Nvidia Direct Touch tactile system and saving system known as PRISM engergia 2 which allows to lower the brightness levels without lowering the quality of color.

Nvidia Phoenix 4i



your specifications, we can see that the Nvidia Tegra 4i Phoenix will be a high-end smartphone and it will with a 5-inch screen cin 1080p resolution, a 13-megapixel rear camera and LTE connectivity.

Availability and Pricing

Unfortunately the Phoenix is ​​not intended for the general public but as a prototype for manufacturers base their devices, so you still do not know if this will reach the market. But it surely will be a place in the sales ranking since NVIDIA plans to sell in a price range of between 100 and $ 300.

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 Nvidia Tegra Phoenix 4i

Nvidia Tegra Phoenix 4i – features and price
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