Orange joins the party “a la carte” what “non-exclusive” predicts the future of streaming content


It’s been a couple of years that Orange launched its own television, which had more than twenty PPV content of films, documentaries or news that were available in multidevice. Also they started running a content system a la carte which covered the last week of programming channels, plus a service video store (they called offers, very far Naintis ), in which customers could access movie premieres.

Having regard to the current competitive landscape, it seems that Orange wants to join the party and will strengthen its supply of content a la carte with full seasons of 16 series in the catalog of Sony Pictures. So far, the series offered entirely be counted on the fingers of one hand, as its video on demand service focused on offer, as I said, the last episodes aired on their channels, but with this agreement will provide full seasons adding up to 800 episodes in total.

‘Breaking Bad’, ‘The Tudors’, ‘Damages’, ‘The Shield’ ‘Justified’, ‘Community’, ‘The Client List’, ‘Drop Dead Diva’, ‘Shock Therapy’, ‘The Guardian’, ‘Unforgettable’ or ‘Men at work’ are some of the titles in the catalog . They will have some exclusives, also in full, as ‘sequestered’ ‘Chosen’, ‘Cleaners’ or ‘The Unknown’.

This reinforcement in its offer video on demand will gradually happening throughout the summer (July to September), and will be in HD and multidevice. The operator has also contracted with Universal, Paramount, Disney and Warner to add 40 new film titles in its catalog, which will be available during the summer.

The future of “a la carte”

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We live in a very troubled time that the offer of television content; things are changing too much too quickly and there are two main factors driving these companies to move tab. One is the growing demand for content , especially fiction; the viewer increasingly more these services fail streaming to consume more series, which has developed a habit and a taste that has led to a strong demand (which in turn is pushing us to a oversupply).

The other factor is the industry that moves very fast and the various actors are undergoing changes dramatically . We saw as Movistar was going to ajustar his offer after buying Canal +, and has reacted to this whole streaming making changes in the nature of Yomvi. I do not think these decisions are unrelated to the fact that Netflix reach Spain in few months, and if Movistar and Orange are making these structural changes, because the company is of US origin is moving much in their quest to gain catalog.

If different content providers are not entirely exclusive, that means competition

And Orange is not a light news. Consider for example in ‘Breaking Bad’, one of the titles that have acquired to provide full seasons; the critically acclaimed AMC drama deservedly longer offered in Movistar Series; if Orange TV has achieved its emission to the letter, this means that international distributors are giving a nonexclusive rights , which can influence the future catalog of Netflix and its possible attractive offer.

What does all this for us, consumers diehard television fiction? That is the best news in the world. If different content providers are not entirely exclusive, that means competition and competition invited to various services will you peleárselas to have a complete catalog, to offer variety, image quality, captions and good prices .

How to enter here la Movistar decision to redo its “a la carte” exclusive customer Movistar + (when even the big HBO has fallen from the cherry and has given up)? Well I have not clear, and perhaps because they carry around with Movistar Series- still analyzing behaviors of their customers and develop market analysis.

In any case, it is good news that in such a short time we are witnessing so much change and see a future with more options to consume the television we want easily and quality. The good price is something you have to go titration according to fit all these changes.

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Orange joins the party “a la carte” what “non-exclusive” predicts the future of streaming content
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July 7, 2015

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