Orange launches its online bank in France, which will arrive in Spain in 2018


  • The company expects to capture more than 400,000 customers in the first year, and a horizon of two million in the ten-year period.
  • you will Not be charged for having the credit card provided you use it at least three times a month, if not you will have to pay 5 euros a month.

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The operator of the telecommunications Orange launched this Thursday, after several delays, your offer of bank on line in France, that hopes to capture in that country of 400,000 customers in the first year and two million in a ten-year horizon, and that it will expand its coverage to Spain in 2018, at a date not yet set.

“The principle is that this bank is truly free. A real free without asterisks that refer to hidden costs,” stressed the president of Orange, Stéphane Richard, in an interview published by the daily Le Parisien.

In practice, you will not be charged for having a bank card (provided you use it at least three times a month, if not you will have to pay 5 euros per month), there will be costs of maintenance of the current account and does not set a minimum revenue for its opening.

The company will do business with certain operations (you will receive a commission from the merchant in the payment without contact with the phone), and with services such as credit and insurance.

The value date of the transaction shall be the date on which it is made, and that includes the weekends. To the existing proposals from the launch (including a book of savings paid a 1 % interest) is to be added in the first half of 2018 credits to the consumption, and, later, real-estate loans.

Although it may not be putting money physically, Orange will service support your customers of the offer of bank on 140 of its stores in France, in which they have been trained especially to 890 employees.

The company is confident that the virtual assistant that has been designed to respond to 95 % of the questions and it also has two platforms of counselors by phone that he inherited from the acquisition in 2016 of the banking business of the insurer Groupama. Orange had provided for the marketing of your new bank in may, but had to postpone the operation for lack of preparation.

The president of the group recognized that they had been “optimistic with the calendar”, but he played down the importance of noting that “between the decision and the launch we’ve taken less than a year. It is a record”.

For Spain, the program is “next year”, said a spokesman, who pointed out that “there is not a set date,” and that the extension to the belgian market will come later. In the three countries will be using the same license bank.

The group expects a turnover of 400 million euros in 2018 in financial services with the mobile in the set of markets in which it is present.

Orange Money, with more than 30 million users, works with success in Africa

In Africa, its payment and transfer services, with the cell (Orange Money) work from about ten years ago and the company claims to have 30 million users.

In Poland, in 2014 it embarked on a offer online banking in partnership with a financial institution, mBank (subsidiary of the giant Commerzbank). In France, his proposal of contactless payment with your mobile Orange Cash there from 2015, as well as the money transfer Orange Money.

The bank will enter into direct competition with the big players of the sector, but also with the entities that operate only online, such as Boursorama (which claimed one million customers in France), ING Direct (another million), Axa Banque (700.000) or Fortuneo (600.000).


Orange launches its online bank in France, which will arrive in Spain in 2018
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