Pablo Pena (R & D Joylent): “Spain was the 12th country to buy, now is the 4th”

Pablo Peña (Almería, 1989) holds a degree in Master in Biotechnology and Food Technology. When Joylent was created, Pablo already had more than 13 years living in Holland, where he moved at the end of their childhood for family reasons, so there had to pack up their hiring. After that move has also lived in Belgium, Ireland and Portugal to finish returning to Holland. There he joined Joylent through mutual friends with Joey, the creator of Joylent, who hired him for his food technologist-profile. He is currently Manager of R & D in Joylent, and is also responsible for monitoring product quality.

  • How did Joylent?

Born mainly due to the need. It is based as you know in Soylent [American product with the same philosophy that Joylent], and because Joey, the founder, is an artist (sculpts, paints, etc.), and saw that it was difficult the issue of food because He had little time and not really want to devote to the kitchen, so just eating anything easy to prepare. He read an article about Soylent and thought it would fit well, but Soylent does shipments outside the United States, although we do know that they are now trying to expand.

He did some research and found large communities of people They shared their recipes to make your own versions. He went on to make him himself, was trying to improve the recipe, and made a diet for 30 days to see how he was doing. Many of their environment were interested in the product and demanded it, and there was a business opportunity, but at that time was very small. That happened in early 2014 has been escalating to the point where we are right now.

  • You have just turned a year, on June 1, and therefore wanted to ask : Figures. How have you grown this year?

Well, the point of reference would be November 2014, when we made a small report on our first months and then we had a database of around 1,000 customers. Now, after a year, we go for about 6,000 customers. 20,000 units per month, which is 60,000 meals

is about selling.

  • We also wanted to ask you particularly for Spain, how sales have grown here?

At first it was difficult to enter the Spanish market, my theory is that the Spanish consumer is perhaps more cautious with what you buy, and I think that with online shopping in general. But from the first article published in Hipertextual, in February, the number of sales increased exponentially to 24 hours from its publication. Since then he has continued to rise.

  • What sales figures manejáis with Spain?

Well … before it Article published 30 days, Spain was ranked 12 or 13 or so of the European list in number of sales. After that is ranked 4th.

  • Wow .

Yes, now we are in about 200 units in the first week of June, only in Spain. This amounts to a fifth of total sales. 20% of what we sell is in Spain.

  • ago about You anunciasteis months that you could be sent to any country in the world, with somewhat higher shipping costs. Have you been able to grow there?

No, really. Our main market is still Europe. We have taken the opportunity to send to other countries, but the problem is that outside Europe it becomes quite difficult to make shipments of this kind, as each country has its own laws regarding imports, food products, etc. We have made shipments to over 60 countries and try to also grow there, but can not be sent anywhere.

For example, in Mexico does not pass through customs. Or on Israel, either.

  • That is, there is no way that a Mexican buys Joylent and get home because it stays in the office, because of Mexican law on food imports, right?

So, he stands in the office under local law. In the website and notify the countries where we can not make the shipment by causes as well. And if you end enters an order from one of them, we get in touch with the customer, we apologize, we explain that restrictions customs we can not send it and we will refund the money.

  • Returning to the product, such as consumer Joylent something never saw clear: the number does not change, a bag of 2,000 calories recommended as if something universal, when every body type (by gender, complexion, weight, activity …) requires more or fewer calories. Why generalizáis well?

We have taken a medium calorific value that can be applied to most of the population. I myself, for example, measure 1.86 meters, weight 100 kilos and do weight training at a high level, so that 2,000 calories or approach my daily necessity, but it is a simple and effective way to consume some calories in my case.

We sell the product per serving, food, and you can consume the number of servings you better come during the day. Are 2,000 calories as we were getting an average value. We do not recommend eating only Joylent. One could, of course, we could live like eating chicken rice all day. But is not the idea. That has been our way of thinking Joylent caloric content.

  • In recent months there have been many alternatives to Joylent based on the concept of enteral nutrition: Mana, cheal, 100% Food … What added value do you think Joylent offers to the rest
  • Mmm … it’s hard to say without speaking ill of other companies. What we offer is quality of product and the ingredients we buy. Because we take some more time in the market also have another volume, and as a result we can buy higher quality ingredients at a lower price.

    The experience with us, our way of communicating with the consumer , also has that value to the product. And personally, I do not dedicate myself to sales, but I think those are the most important points Joylent.

    • You said that in the case of Spain there are perhaps more reluctant to purchase online than in other European countries. Will we see Joylent in Spanish physical stores?

    Yes, I can not say too much yet, but yes, there are plans to enter the Spanish market physically.

    • An approximate date and type of arrival?

    If I’m not mistaken, in early July there is an opening in which we are present. I can not say much more because it is still under development, but it will be in a line of Spanish stores in which the product will be physically available.

    • What about the taste? The official flavors are more reminiscent, but the taste is still mainly oats and soybeans. Will there be an improvement out there, beyond adding new flavors?

    Yes, that’s an ongoing process. One of the comments we receive most often is about the taste. So far we have always differentiated from other companies offering similar products for our taste, our customers appreciate that compared to others, Joylent knows best.

    We continue to offer the quality, we are working to keep knowing you have to know. For example, the strawberry taste like strawberry, and less noticeable presence oats or soybeans, but still a process of continuous development.

    • What percentage of repetition have ? That is, what percentage of users return to ask Joylent?

    It is nearly 50%.

    • During the time you have been taking varieties: Joylent Sport with more protein, Joylent breakfast with caffeine and coffee flavor, Joylent Green we thought it was a joke of April Fool’s and stayed there …

    • [Laughs] Yes, it was the idea, put it in the shop on April 1 for people interpreted it as a joke, but really you could buy … And they continue to reach out to home believing it a joke, as it turns green (know apple).

    • you planning to tease out more varieties like these?

    Yes, of course, we are under development with new product types . Do not pued or say much because it’s all secret and secret will remain until you leave the store, but we are working on different product formats.

    We think it is important to continue developing new products to keep interest the people. If the product is good you can always keep that interest, but it helps to go offering new things from time to time.

    • One of the most sought versions is vegan or lactose. Are you on the road

    Yes, will this version: Joylent Vegan , lactose

      <. li> Since we are talking with the manufacturer of Joylent, which determines how and with what, what do you recommend to the preparation Joylent? You can mix with something? What proportions are the best?

    Yes, you can be mixed with milk, any flavor, and tastes pretty good. Another thing that works with all flavors, but especially with chocolate, is to add a pinch of salt, which makes the taste is quite enhanced.

    On how to prepare, until now we did not give specific instructions and we let consumers decide, but for legal reasons we had to specifically define how much is one serving.

    The official definition of a serving is 173 grams, which come to be 3.5 scoops with the scoop we give, and 500 ml of water. Always recommend checking the water before and after preparation

    And another tip consumption, a personal recipe. The vanilla flavor, add a small espresso cup, it is divine. It’s like a cold coffee that is very good


    Pablo Pena (R & D Joylent): “Spain was the 12th country to buy, now is the 4th”
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