‘Pretty Woman’, kitsch ode to 25 years

Pretty Woman 25 years old, after his success at the box office and over time still remains its essence in the genre of romantic comedies.

A March 23 but 1990 made his debut in cinema film ‘ Pretty Woman ‘. A rate of Roy Orbison and under the weather of the city of Los Angeles knew the story of Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis. A frame that would give a new opportunity, which still exists, to romantic comedies that agonized for decades until the day we saw a Julia Roberts , clad in high boots, mini dress and a blonde wig, upload . the sports car of a young Richard Gere which made bored and lonely millionaire

Modern Cinderella

How many versions of the ‘Cinderella’ know, whether for film, cartoons or stories? Surely many. Just this weekend I went with my daughter to the cinema to see the live-action Disney version directed by the great Kenneth Branagh. Yes, a thousand times told Cinderella is cramming features hundreds of years later from the time of oral narrative and its first written versions and 25 years ‘Pretty Woman’ which is nothing more than modern Cinderella ( 90’s, of course) why a story that we all know by heart still a success? Why on the anniversary of Pretty Woman are we still talking about this film ?. To answer would have to make an analogy to the question: href=”http://hipertextual.com/2014/10/huevo-evolucion” what came first the chicken or the egg ? and ask, what came first, the damsel in distress or prince who rescues princesses


There are no answers that satisfy all parties to both questions. However, I think the answer to the second is on par with that feeling that some foreign to our nature we save . That is, women men, men women, human aliens or God, Homer, Superman. Always putting very high and something other than ourselves the answer to ‘all our problems’. In fact, I prefer stories where women alone learn to be powerful, to meet, to be his own answers, but it would be a lie to say I always believed, since childhood, is less romantic history.

The era of romantic comedies

In ‘Pretty Woman’ see as the dream girl of Vivian Ward, Cinderella type becomes reality but a modern version : and the horse became a white limousine, the tower that the prince on a scale emergency staircase and the miserable life he leads Cinderella sweet fruit from the clutches of modern life that the work dragged on the streets of Los Angels in the oldest profession in the world. Vivian, who does his job taking care not to break the only rule. No kissing on the mouth and leave them in a state of exclusivity, almost virginal, to him who deserves

So, since we saw the transformations of both main characters in Pretty Woman a wave of romantic comedies that no shortage over time Billboard is wine. Couples change, times change and we have a long list of stories that we remember from Vivian-Edward, yes, for 25 years


Finally another question: how many romantic comedies have seen (by choice or obligation) and what your favorites are (if any) ? You could say that the Life Pretty Woman who injected the romantic comedies still circulating in the veins of this kind of film . Even in the terrible ‘ 50 Shades of Gray ‘ resources are the same : the bored millionaire, solitary, poor, naive and sweet girl that will change, expensive gifts she can not afford, ride per aircraft (in the case of Pretty Woman going by plane to see La Traviata Are case, a old version of herself as history) Sure, each tape or story has its own nuances, but almost nothing has changed: the desire to be rescued by someone more powerful (and rich) investment will be rewarded with love, the more genuine.

The romantic comedy is a genre that fascinates me, although I must confess that I have seen enough and many have liked, I’ve seen more times ‘Pretty Woman’ of the that I can admit right here and I smiled foolishly with happy ending that I know by heart. It’s like a friend says: the best romantic comedies is that it shows that there are men who do things that really would not do, but mostly always, always have a happy ending

. Leave in comments your favorite romantic comedy or your favorite scenes from Pretty Woman. Lets celebrate 25 years of corny


‘Pretty Woman’, kitsch ode to 25 years
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March 24, 2015

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