Recycle Bins for Android: Removes and recovers the lost

Recycle Bins for Android: Removes and recovers the lost

If you’re used to desktop operating systems there are things that we can always take at fault in a mobile system. Not because it is an essential tool in all of them, simply because we grew with that feature, attached on both Windows and Mac OS, and OS lose to change can be uncomfortable to him who was fond of that function.

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A characteristic example of this type is the recycle bin. By now you should be used to recycle at home, but if not, I’m sure you are used to recycle the computer. Everyone knows what it is to recycle, and hearts that can save after accidentally deleting the project txt instead of notes.

In Android unfortunately there is no standard function well, and that I know in any mobile system. The reason is simple, supposedly deleted files store occupies a precious memory space, which on mobile devices is not so abundant as in computers. is why a feature and not as meaningful in Android. Yet with mobile like these, with increasing storage capacity and so on, perhaps to make sense again, and we need that Google decides to implement this function. Someone thought before us, and on Google Play and is plagued by these applications.

Recycle Bin (1)

These applications do not have a great mystery, and we all know that we should meet. The app creates a folder in a memory of the phone, which will be where they will stop all files “erased”. In the case of this application, to “erase” something we go with eye and use the “Open With” or “Send to” in any file browser. In the popup menu we select the application in the trash and it will be as “delete” the file, which basically all we do is move the file to this folder residual. It’s a shame you can not integrate enough to replace itself “Delete” ordinary.

The interesting point is that the application can indicate to monitor certain files, and in case to be eliminated to save them in the trash. then have to access the application itself, where you will find directories with accidentally deleted files, and can restore them, or delete them permanently. Probably should do sometime latter, since memory is not infinite.

Application on Google Play

Recycle Bin (2)

I’ve decided to bring another type application due to the shortcomings of the previous one. As I said, are simple applications, not much to explain because we all know the modus operandi. The good thing here is not to send the files to the application, but the application and is responsible for collecting them when you delete them. The downside perhaps is that this other application incorporates its own file browser, somewhat cumbersome. In the above case the application was compatible with any browser that we like to us, while in this you have to use the browser within the application to do its function.

The interface just is not worth anything, but the application does its job free of charge. We can also erase packages, folders or joint actions.

Application in Google Play

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