Remix OS has shut down: these are better alternatives to use Android on the PC

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Jide Technology is a startup that a few years ago surprised many with an idea that many wanted but still had not materialized. We talk about the creators of Remix OS, a Android system but adapted to the desktop, perfect for large screens and become an operating system for computers. But, of course, with the advantages and applications of Android.

Far to stay in a simple idea, Remix OS reached up to three generations, adding news and updating to the latest versions of Android. In addition to that, Jide ventured into hardware with devices like the Ultra Remix tablet. However, keeping open several fronts is a difficult task and because of this these days have announced the closure of part of its activity, giving by finalized the development of Remix OS.

The company in addition to having the computer software and hardware devices, also collaborates with companies com Wolder to restructure their systems. During the last year have achieved a number of contracts but this has increased the cost needed to be maintained. In an attempt to remain profitable, going to specialize in this business but leaving aside the users.

What will happen with the users who have funded the latest with Remix OS

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This decision of Jide leaving the branch of Remix OS also has implications in the sale of their products. In fact, the last thing we knew of them is that they had started a KickStarter with two devices: the Remix IO and Remix IO+, two boxes for TV with Android with support for games and streaming 4K for a few hundred dollars. A product that obviously had Remix I in its interior and had a very good pint, as it was also updated to Nougat 7.0.

All users who helped to finance the project will get their investment from 15 August. Jide had managed to gather almost $ 600,000.

Alternatives to Remix OS

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  • MaruOS: Another great alternative to RemixOS. With Maru we can have all the power of your smartphone on a big screen. Uses the idea of Continuum Microsoft but with Android. The creators speak of it almost as magic, but is really a project that we would like to see more often. Is based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, it has support for HDMI, windows, connectivity, shared… from that beta that we were able to test has continued to evolve.

  • direct sense Desktop: formerly known as AndromiumOS. It is a Android application that once installed we will be able to have functions similar to those of a computer. From start menu, task bar, notification center, full support for keyboards and external mice, and multi-window along the rest applications the manufacturer Felt.

Samsung Dex

  • Samsung DeX: The convergence between Android mobile and computer also arrives from the hand of a giant such as Samsung. Here we not only software, but an extra device that costs 159 euros and comes with its own connectors, in addition of even a fan to cool the mobile. Unfortunately, and despite its excellent operation, the number of Android apps compatible is limited.

  • Andromeda/Fuchsia: whatever it Is that Google has between the hands, it is certain that we would love to see it. We still have a few details of the project to bring Android to the desktop and the rumors have gone in many directions. With ChromeOS have got a system light and stable, but we want the full power of Google Play and Android on large screens. While Remix OS already does not develop, it is quite possible that Google will help to expand the convergence.

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Xataka Android | we Interviewed David Ko, Jide: “Remix OS is not a fork of Android”

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Remix OS has shut down: these are better alternatives to use Android on the PC
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July 18, 2017

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