Routes Getting a map point to another in the new Google Maps


This may sound like something from drawer (and should be), but the new update of Google Maps is a real headache. Things have gone and others have changed to be almost inaccessible site. One of them are the directions between two points map , ie without putting directions, indicating with the finger where we want to go.

This should be a process easier it becomes almost impossible , and the only way to do this is by following a process that has to be exactly true. At least we have not found another, and it is very convoluted. Hopefully Google resolved soon this and other problems that has the new version of Google Maps.

This is the process to follow (important to do this which, if it is very possible that you will not come out):

1. We do a long press on the point (we will call A) we want until the pin. Bottom bar appears with the address, throw it up and click on the star icon to add it to favorites.


2. Repeat exactly the same process for the destination (we will call B), thus also adding to favorites.


3. Now comes the tricky part. If we are to address in the search bar above may not find the favorites. Click on the map at point A to be a star, and now I give directions give the icon in the top search bar.


4 . Displays the route from “My Location” to “choose a destination”, and just below some results. The first will be the destination where you click on the press before. We calculate the route and B from your ubitación.


5. We press on the top of the route icon.


6. We give the double arrow on the right to invest.


7. Click on my location and now I can choose the point B on the map.


8. We chose the desired route and we start it.


Please, if anyone finds any easiest , which let us know . But as Google has removed the “select spot on the map” of the browser, this seems to be the only way to do it.

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Routes Getting a map point to another in the new Google Maps
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July 28, 2013

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