Samsung presents Wallet: The new virtual wallet that will come with the Galaxy S4


The mobile payments and NFC technology is increasingly fashionable. Since Android añadiese her support for Android 2.3 and enhanced in Android 4.0, we have seen many manufacturers (both hardware and software) have begun to take advantage. One is Samsung, presented today at MWC 2013 in Barcelona one of his latest creations of Software: Samsung Wallet.

 wallet_samsung As you can tell from the name, Samsung Wallet is a virtual wallet that stores all kinds of cards , discount coupons and tickets. We currently do not have support NFC but surely we will see later if curdles NFC service and as such. This application will see in the next devices in the company, while it begins to grow the number of stores and applications compatible with the new service.

capitalized Notably the announcement made yesterday by Visa on this line . Soon we will see the connection secure.

Today only submitted the API, so that developers can now get going with it to launch compatible applications and different stores and services in order to implement it as quickly as possible. That is, so far only been presented ahead of developers.

? Playing copying Apple?


It is not the first time we see that Samsung has an application / service / design that closely resembles that of Apple. We saw and was penalized with a heavy fine in the U.S. by copying the designs of Apple devices, but apparently not learned and have done it again.

The problem is not to copy the philosophy, because Apple was not the first to make this philosophy is that interface and the design is very similar. It seems perfect that this application but they do seem to have been copied directly from Apple. What do they play? What do they want with it? Windows Phone, for example, also has a similar application but does not resemble anything like the Apple, as Samsung does do this. Moreover, not even a role model, the iOS app has not had the interest or the intended use.

Samsung should be the alternative to Apple now dominates the market , but every day is what makes them more similar. If you continue like this, sooner or later users will end up using smartphones from other brands in search of a solution that gave the apple. This is not the way, dear Samsung.

But we run a veil. At the end of the day, it’s great news … or is it?

Source: Samsung Developers / Samsung Tomorrow

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Samsung presents Wallet: The new virtual wallet that will come with the Galaxy S4
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February 27, 2013

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