Samsung Push Service, the application that promises to change your life forever


always interesting to keep an eye on the opinions and reviews that users type on Google Play applications as we can be useful to avoid problems or know more about this application. But in the case of Samsung Push Service, for all that these reviews will serve it for laughs.

This application, which and I talked for a few weeks , started automatically installed on Samsung devices . Its purpose is exactly the same as Google Play Services.

Basically, handles the synchronization of various Samsung applications terminal incorporating the factory with brand servers. Rather, complex and with little regard for average users and especially because Samsung does not offer much explanation about it and if it amounts to some users got into trouble, blocks and others, we have a curious result.

And for no apparent reason, users around the world have begun to publish jokes on Google Play Store regarding the functionality of this application . Here are some of them:

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 push_services There are several theories that we are around the head:

  • Sarcasm … A wave of it has flooded users. A more refined form of criticism, but perhaps unwise because besides the funny comments, the punctuate with 5 stars, leaving the app with many positive votes and distorting the actual rating itself.
  • That all this is a dark promotion Samsung spiced with some humor and whimsy. There are many positive reviews as to be purchased, but not all so ingeniously, few scoring only 5 out without further explanation , making it suspect. Moreover, it is something that happens only in Spanish, in other languages, it just happens with this app (and some other Samsung in Play Store)
  • That really fulfills what users say.

Anyway, it’s funny, suspicious, funny and a lot of things all the time, so I like to read your opinions to try to clarify what is going on with this app and Samsung. We continue to investigate.

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Samsung Push Service, the application that promises to change your life forever
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June 6, 2013

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