Samsung shows its Android 6.0 and Marshmallow disguised Touchwiz

Samsung Galaxy S6 6 0 Beta036

With half the world hablando of course Samsung Galaxy S7 should arrive in a couple of months, the fact is that the machinery of the Korean giant has not stopped with their current devices still do not enjoy Android Marshmallow 6.0 .

However, it seems that Samsung work with the latest version of Android is very advanced, and if last week closed beta phase was launched today and begin to see the first images of Android 6 running on Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

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The images have been published by SamMobile in an extensive gallery of 50 catches, where you can see that work to lighten Samsung Touchwiz continues slowly. However, at first glance the changes are barely perceptible, a lot like Touchwiz on Android 5.1 look.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 6 0 Beta056

Touchwiz is flatter, more colorful and transparency

With little to comment on the interface, it seems that Samsung bet continuity in a layer of increasingly lightweight software, but with aesthetic touches in color palettes and is now looking much flatter and colorful .

In addition, there are changes in the Notification and shade shortcuts , which become completely white instead of the characteristic bluish; and also in the off menu it has been redesigned in the style of Air Command of the Galaxy Note 5.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 6 0 Beta054

icons also receive a facelift as well as proprietary applications that pass all a white head interface with different color style of Samsung’s latest designs along the lines of material design.

Also see transparencies in some menus where before background colors were totally opaque, perhaps to give the impression of greater depth.

Moreover, desktop structure is the same and the grid can continue to choose between three options, and application launcher that remains horizontal displacement ability to sort applications according to several criteria.

Samsung Galaxy S6 6 0 Beta009

Samsung Galaxy S6 6 0 Beta051

A note also work with advanced gesture control options before distributing Samsung in confusing menus, and now it will be aligned in a single setup menu to be called something like “useful functions” .

 Samsung Galaxy S6 6 0 Beta037

Advances in theme manager

But where we wanted to go one step further is the Korean giant manager Touchwiz issues , you get more options to customize our Samsung devices as simple as possible. The issues are deeper, affecting both color shades as icons, the wallpaper and interface.

Also, now possible to choose topics according to a particular palette of colors , so we can dive among the most interesting possibilities of the colors that we like without having to try them all.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 6 0 Beta060

New Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Of course, there are plenty of new options for Android 6.0 as Google Now on Tap , which already works perfectly in the published beta version of the new firmware.

We will also have native authentication with the fingerprint reader, manager of permits and other innovations that Google announced the new Android version, which will be able to revisar from this same link.

Samsung Galaxy S6 6 0 Beta016

More possibilities for the camera

Samsung Galaxy also adopted for the implementation S6 camera released in Note 5, with most advanced more extensive menus and options for the photo shoot in manual mode.

So, now will also be possible to choose the shutter speed and aperture, white balance, picture type, etc.

 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge 6 0 Beta051

They also get the quick release with the” Home “, the capture the volume buttons, the voice control or making RAW

 Samsung Galaxy S6 6 0 Beta015

As you can see, it seems that development is well under way to think about an update that should not be delayed much , and Samsung announced in a first to the last weeks of 2015-no longer llegará- or early 2016.

We will be watching to announce its launch as soon as they occur, but for now here you have the complete gallery so you can whet your appetite:


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Samsung shows its Android 6.0 and Marshmallow disguised Touchwiz
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January 1, 2016

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