‘Save me Snow Week’, new twist to one of the most crazy universe television


we All know what is ‘Save me’. It is one of the most seasoned veterans of the tv. Born in 2009 as a format in which to comment upon the relevance of ‘Supervivientes‘ and it was forever and ever as this program of the heart of reference in our country. Your journey of four hours every afternoon talks about the effort of their workers to fill so many minutes of daily grill.

But, if there is something that characterizes ‘Save me’ is the evolutionary jump that has been marked. Beyond commenting on the worries of loving and/or winding of the socialités of the country, the program has become the protagonist of the first hand and the frames that there happen every day among the co-workers make up one of the soap operas most peculiar in the history of our television.

The crisis of the ‘Deluxe’


the strength of The program has led him to monopolize prime time on Friday, a stretch in which he led comfortably for a long time. Until the last season. There, the diligent efforts of Antena 3 by overcoming his rival led him to try it with ‘Your face sounds like‘. The audience seemed to go for the talent… At this stage of the season, it can be said that the space of imitations has eaten the toast completely to the pundits of the heart.

‘Save me’ need new flights and yesterday we had the announcement of where they are going to go to some of them. Carlos Lozano, the rediscovered presenter to make your stay in ‘Big Brother VIP’ has failed to get better, announced the release of a kind of reality-talent-a spin-off in which, more importantly, it’s going to settle, neither more nor less, who will be the next program partners.

what other program we have seen something like this? can A space that will allow the audience to choose their workers? Of course, all of this will come seasoned with trials of all kinds, a cohabitation that promises blood, sweat and tears, “stare-downs” with the collaborators, veterans… Will be starting on 12 December, a previous christmas in which the names being considered are fireworks. I admit that I am fascinated by how the program has been able to become self-sufficient with new turns of the screw as this ‘Save me Snow Week’ with which they expect to curl the curl.

In Go Tele! | ‘Save me’, what the best fiction of our television?

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‘Save me Snow Week’, new twist to one of the most crazy universe television
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December 3, 2016

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