Sending a Christmas videofelicitación with Skype

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The latter one update to the popular video call application comes loaded with an extra Christmas spirit. In addition to liven up your conversations with emoticons Cartoon Santa Claus and Bill Murray in “The Scrooged,” you can also send Christmas greetings video , of course.

If you’re craving sing carols about a friend or family across the globe or just congratulations on paper seem too analog, do not miss this interesting function that reaches just for Christmas time. Okay, it’s true that video messages have for years in Skype, but now have effect snowflakes floating : what could be more than that Christmas

1. Grab the latest version

The first step is obviously to make sure you have the version of Skype on your phone or tablet to the last. The application itself does not have a button to check if you have the latest version, so you have to go to Google Play , under “My Applications” to check.

2. Start recording

You have two options to start recording your Christmas message. The first is to open a converesación ongoing and press the button to record a message video. The second is to press the floating button + and choose the new icon on the Snowflake in red.

 Send Message

3. Sing, congratulating or do whatever the hell you want

As you press the record button and start recording video while incessant snowflakes fall and fall superimposed on the image. I must say, if you just dizzy or tired of so much snow, You can change the filter while recording to give more funny to your Christmas message (eg touch, there are several filters efeto mirror or enlarged head .)


4. Send your video

Just you need to send your creation. You can send directly your contacts in Skype , or share any other application . Here I must say that Microsoft has behaved, as usual in these cases would have forced you to use Skype period. Instead, you can do whatever you want with your video, even upload it to YouTube.

Do not decay the Christmas spirit begins to burn your videofelicitaciones, with or without snow.

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Sending a Christmas videofelicitación with Skype
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December 21, 2015

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