Series adaptation of ‘The dark tower’ still alive: Amazon will be your home

Dark Tower

The reception I had the unfortunate ‘The dark tower’ (‘The Dark Tower’) made you think that the existing plans of continuing the story with a series of television they were going to remain in oblivion. We had months without any news from the project, but it seems to be that he is not dead for nothing, because you just know that Amazon has done with the series.

What is striking is that the announcement has been made by the back door as part of a clarification about the ambitious projects that has between hands Amazon for its strong investment in ‘the lord of The rings’ (‘The Lord of The Rings’) did not stay in something anecdotal. Among them are also found the adaptation of ‘Snowcrash’, work Neal Stephenson, and the literary saga ‘Culture’, written by Iain M. Banks, in addition to the jump to the small screen of the Discworld from Terry Pratchett.

What we have not transcended are new details on what we can expect from the series ‘The dark Tower’. In its time it transpired that he had signed to Glen Mazzara as showrunner. He had previously occupied that position for a while in ‘The Walking Dead’, but we should remember that this occurred even had hopes that the movie went well and nothing was known of the involvement of Amazon, so that very well could have changed.

I can Also see very clear that Amazon wants to use the script for the pilot episode in which Nikolaj Arcel, director of the film, commented that he had already worked in his time. Perhaps the best thing would be to follow the idea pointed out by Stephen King, author of the literary saga original, and opt for a reboot. Come on, make a clean slate and hoping that the feature film has not damaged too much the interest of the audience for ‘The Dark Tower’…

PD: the possible involvement Of Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey do not know anything.

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Series adaptation of ‘The dark tower’ still alive: Amazon will be your home
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February 24, 2018

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