Seven tips to upload a photo to your app to flirt, according to an expert

The applications to link already form part of day-to-day of thousands of people who are looking to meet people to form a couple or, simply, to share some moments. One of the first things that set the candidates is in our profile picture, so it is essential to choose it wisely. Sophia Isabella, a photographer specialising in these subjects, has given you seven tips on the Mirror.1. Good quality. , Although it sounds obvious, there are many people using blurry pictures in your profile. “If the quality of the photo is bad, your appearance will be bad”, says Isabella.2. Poses natural. do Not exaggerate your pose. Unless you are a professional model, not poses, because, according to Isabella, “give you the impression that you’re trying to impress.” The best thing is that in the photo you see natural and relaxed.3. Carries some color. Sophia Isabella recommended to wear some colorful clothes, a detail, a snap-in…4. Avoid ‘selfies’. Ask a friend or friend that you take a photo. It is much better than a selfie or a photo made in the mirror, of which Isabella claims that they are a bad choice because they tend to be poorly lit. In addition, they give the impression that you don’t mind and that you are not striving to get a quote.5. She smiles. Even if you are a serious person, a smile, or a photo of you laughing will show that you are a happy person, satisfied and more attractive.6. Play with the photos. Isabella advised to vary from time to time the pictures that we use, and to prove with what we have more ‘matches’, although he cautions that it is better to have few good photos many photos are bad.7. Don’t use a professional photo. apps to bind are not Linkedin. Avoid photos of study, formal or that you would use in your resume. And if you can, better outdoors than in an enclosed place.
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Seven tips to upload a photo to your app to flirt, according to an expert
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December 15, 2019

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