So you can use the SD memory S7 Galaxy as internal memory, without root


Admittedly it was a bit descepcionante know that ni the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the LG G5 made use of the function Adoptable Storage Android Marshmallow. This feature allows use the SD memory as internal memory , rather than simply as storage and little else.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S7, like most mobile Samsung, it is capable of move applications to the SD , the result is not at all the same. Yes, a high-end mobile with 32GB of storage will likely give you to install many applications before worrying about the space available, but trust me, that free space sooner or later will fall short .

If you feel something adventurous and have a few spare minutes and want to experience this weekend, here is the recipe for force the Galaxy S7 to use the SD memory as internal memory without root, as has discovered Paul O Brien Modaco.


What do you need

The first is obviously a microSD card large enough for you worth the invention. The faster the memory, the better, since applications from smash it.

In addition, you need a PC with ADB support. There are several ways to get ADB in Windows, such as installing the Android SDK . If only you will use ADB for this purpose and not interested settle the heavy Android development package, the easiest and fastest way is to use 15 second ADB installer.


All you have to do is run the file in Windows with Administrator permissions, answer yes three times by pressing the Y and install the ADB drivers for Windows. The name does not lie, it really takes a few seconds.

To connect by ADB from Windows need to go to Android Settings and enable USB debugging options for developers. You do not have this menu? Go to About device and plays nonstop Build Number until a message alert you that you have activated the menu developers.

Another aspect to consider is that if you have any content on the MicroSD card you must back it up before you start if you do not want to lose it. The card needs to be formatted , so all its contents will be lost.

1. Connect with ADB

In Windows, open a command prompt (Start – Run – cmd) and navigate to the folder where you have ADB (if you have used 15 second ADB installer is probably C: ADB ).

Write ADB Shell to connect to your mobile by ADB. If the text displays an error message is that the mobile has not guaranteed him permission to connect. Usually with deactivating and activate the USB debugging new mobile will ask for confirmation to allow access.

2. Partition the disk

The next step is to run sm-disks list . This command should write shell being inside the ADB mode and not in the command line prompt. If you are in the system line, rewrites ADB Shell.

 adb shell

This command will throw the ID of the disk drives that can be used as storage adoptable. For example, disk: 179: 160. Write down that number because you might need it below.

Now comes the crucial time of partition the drive (on your own risk, of course). The command to use is sm partition disk: 179. 160 private , changing the identifier for which you obtained previously

If you want to use a mixed mode, in which the microSD card uses a percentage as internal memory and one as storage, you can specify it by changing the word “private” by “mixed” and the percentage. For example, sm partition disk: 179. 160 mixed 50 to devote half and half

3. Wait and do not trust the Total space

Formatting will take a while, but when you finish and you’ll have everything ready. From the Settings – Additional Options – Storage You can see how it has grown your internal memory, though do not trust the figure reported as total storage, it seems to be wrong

 Adoptable Storage

Although it is not the easiest process in the world, the truth is that it is not too complicated. Según Samsung , dispensed with the adoptable Storage Galaxy S7 because you need to format the card and then can not get to use it on other devices, but thanks to this tutorial you decide you want to do with your storage, which is always nice

Original Tutorial. | Modaco
In Engadget Android | LG S7 Galaxy G5 and do not allow use as internal memory microSD

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So you can use the SD memory S7 Galaxy as internal memory, without root
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March 12, 2016

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