Stardew Valley, the indie game made by one guy who sweeps Steam

can a video game developed by a single person and focused on taking care of our farm be as sold on Steam? So Stardew Valley.

The bestseller lists in the video game industry are often taken over by futuristic soldiers, football players, dragon slayers and, in general, franchises multipes deliveries behind their backs. That is why entering Steam and find a new independent capacity focused on creating and maintaining a farm strong retro essence, among the best sellers, may be surprising.

Stardew Valley is, above all, the titanic project Eric Barone, creator solo project during the last four years of his life . It should also assess the unusual decision, in times of Early Access, launched the project for sale when I really thought it was a final, polished and salable product.

Eric Barone, the only person involved, has spent four years developing Stardew Valley

the influences of the creator are clear after the first few hours of play: there is a lot of Harvest Moon obviously, but there is another Animal Crossing or both Terraria . And share with both projects that essence, that character so special. And the risk of betting on an antagonistic to what today triumphs on any platform proposal. The reason for such a risky development, despite the great success it is none other than trying to bring back the essence of ancient life simulators as the Harvest own old Moon, a favorite sagas of the creator.

And as almost any shot, Stardew Valley is not a game for everyone . I do not think it difficult for an outsider to this type of experience despair at the gradual end of its development and the lack of concrete goals and instantaneous. There are many tasks to fulfill a long-term fix and maintain our farm, fill the museum artifacts and minerals restore the town hall, befriend (and even marry and start a family) with the villagers, etc.

But is the pace where everything changes . Nothing is instant, there are no victory or defeat after ten minutes of departure or reward for completing a task in minutes. Crops take time to grow, generate the money needed for basic improvements we can bring a bunch of times and improve relations with residents is something we have to work every day. In fact, we are told story that lasts about three years of playing time (divided into four seasons, really differentiated from one another) that can take us about 30 or 40 hours to complete. Beyond, of course, we can care for and improve our farm without any time limit.

In its conception and rhythm are the risks and virtues of Stardew Valley

in my case, Stardew Valley has worked perfectly as disconnect method ; the farm and its surroundings have become these days in a playground in which to spend the hours, making and unmaking here and there, without a specific direction but enjoying much content at all levels, the game has to offer. The beauty of your pixel-art (although it may be somewhat generic today, reminiscent to said Terraria, for example) and a exceptional and cheerful original soundtrack no serve to facilitate the game is over becoming a real pit of hours, one of those games that you open with the intention to do a couple of things and where you end up immersed for several hours without realizing it.

it is also true, eye having certain rough edges and imperfections that, despite being logical and the result of the lack of a large base of testers during development, not They cease to be quite annoying. The most recurrent and justified complaint of many lies in the amount of time / money to get everything you need for progress (improvement tools, new seeds, buildings, animals, etc.), dangerously acerándonos to grind “empty” typical MMO that prolong life artificially.

Luckily, Eric is working to keep adding features, fixing problems and even implement major developments as a multiplayer online . An admirable job, no doubt, the community has welcomed with open arms and that is, among many other signs of great satisfaction that produced the game, we can find one of the best user ratings on Steam or recurrent given situation on sites like Reddit or NeoGAF where users are offered at pagar copies of those who have pirated Stardew Valley for not being able to afford it.

that good atmosphere and the happiness that the game is something that follows it has permeated a community that continues to grow, becoming Stardew Valley one of the big surprises of this 2016 . Like a small town of people who carry a lifetime together it were, is a joy to participate in discussions about the game and its possibilities on the Internet, a place where it is really difficult to put aside fierce criticism.

Stardew Valley is at the end of the day, like that house in the country to turn to to put aside our daily routine . As in the history of our character, and his grandfather before him, there may be times when we are somewhat saturated modern and sophisticated products that surround us and not think better than this particular village site a long term. It’s not for everyone but I think it’s a kind of experience that any player should enjoy.


Stardew Valley, the indie game made by one guy who sweeps Steam
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