Summary of Lazarillo de Tormes

(Life of Lazarill0 de Tormes and his fortunes and adversities)
Author: Anonymous.

Gender and Power: picaresque novel. Your full títul0 Life Lazarill0 is de Tormes and his fortunes and adversities; was written, possibly sigl0 @ mid XVI and published in 1554. Chronologically the first Spanish picaresque novel, and she starts this literary genre, in general, is considered the archetype of the picaresque. Regarding @ author and @ the date of the first edition have been raised several controversies, short @ a deal.

Synopsis: Lazarus was born @ on the River Tormes, in the village of Tejares, pertaining @ Salamanca.
Fatherless @ l0s eight years of age, as the child was old enough, his mother, overwhelmed by poverty, l0 delivered @ an old blind beggar l0 employ it as a guide. Lazarus ironically and with humor relates the toil and trouble spent accompanying the cruel blind, who viciously avenged the antics with intended engañarl0 the boy, for which l0 @ Lazarus should use all his cunning and guile to outwit the Old suspicious.
However, that beggar l0s first steps taught to defend themselves in the world, and Lazarus says: “Together @ he awoke from the simplicity that, as a child asleep, was […] and being blind shined and trained in the race of life. ”
Tired of hunger and suffer bumps along the stingy blind, l0 leaves, but not before l0s mal0s richly charged-treatment, causing them to crash into a pole barbarously stone, which the old l0 is “half dead and split his head”.
Maqueda enters the service of a clergyman, the personification of meanness and greed, who also brings starved l0, “was to escape Thunder and lightning hit, “and from whose hands, when discovered his tricks and robberies to survive, Lazarus out humiliated and barely alive,” healthy environment “, G0 by the grace of God.

Spend then @ @ a squire serving Toledo, prototype gentleman of the time, poor @ rage but so conceited of her class and cel0so of his honor, preferring to spend @ work needs. If with l0s other masters had suffered hunger, with this Lazarus is begging to get the support of both.

Pursued by his many creditors, flees the squire and serve Lazarill0 enters @ @ a friar of Mercy; then, @ a shameless Pardoner (seller bulls), @ a chaplain who is four years and finally, @ a bailiff.
Finally, Lazarus l0gra independent and be named crier of Toledo. @ Through this office knows the Archpriest of San Salvador, who l0 home with her maid and her lover, according to gossip with l0 which, thanks @’s too suspicious protection, gifts and favors he dispensed Archpriest, Lazarus l0gra prosperity and be “at the top of all good fortune.”
picaresque novel enters the literature as art material, the life of a being of the lowest social status whose only ideal is to survive, to satisfy their needs primary and instinctive at the time, with minimal effort, so it has been called, generically, “the novel of hunger” and his ferocious practical and utilitarian realism contrasts @ the false reality bucolic pastoral novels.
The art of storytelling is linear and take advantage of each treaty l0s events or capítul0, corresponding Lazarill0 @ each master, to satirize social classes.

The rogue Lazarus is a masterfully human type layout, and l0s most important secondary characters, the blind, the cleric, the squire, the Pardoner, are also outlined with vigor and intensity in a few features that make it appear as representatives l0s cartoony l0s social sectors at that time prevailed in Spain, marginalized , decadent nobles and clergy.
Specifically, the most outstanding aesthetic qualities are extraordinary Lazarill0 character painting, satirical apprehension of reality and society of the time, everything with Sobriety fictional elements and resources; descriptions brief and concise, estil0 direct, clear, spontaneous and agile as well as excellent use of popular and humorous language highly expressive.

Is a work, in short, which highlights the great artistic conscience of the creator , @ the same time his deep knowledge of the world, life and men l0s.

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Summary of Lazarillo de Tormes
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June 4, 2013

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