Symphonical, interesting tool to organize collaborative tasks


We have many options on the web that allow us to coordinate tasks, and follow different dynamics. Symphonical is one of the proposals that we can find, with an interesting combination of features.

To organize our activities or tasks assigned different kinds of wall, whether we need to set priorities, schedule appointments, coordinate meetings, prepare a weekly or monthly plan, among others. We just have to choose the appropriate template to our need to team and work on it.

How to organize the different tasks is through grades, you can simply drag and drop to change position in the different stages of the project. We can add different degrees of importance, assign date, include files … always identify the team member who proposed the task or assigned. So real-time we organize our tasks in this species group whiteboard.

It has some interesting extra features. For example, we can create rich text notes, so we can highlight key points or create lists without additional tools. We can also customize various details of our wall display, to suit our needs.

Another highlight is that we have all the information you need is always visible. We can see the tasks connected group members, the history of the actions taken and the different walls we have created. So we can perform any action without wasting time on finding the options we need.

Additional options found in Symphonical, is the ability to copy and print the wall, email to our employees, visualization tasks on a calendar and integration with Google+ Hangouts. And if you need to access through your mobile phone, we can do it without problems from the browser.

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Symphonical, interesting tool to organize collaborative tasks
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