The 10 best gadgets of the decade, according to Time magazine

The prestigious journal the’Time’ has drawn up a list with gadgets most important and influential of the last ten years, a difficult task given that possibly this has been the decade in which more devices and technological products have been launched to the market.To pick not only has taken into account the fact that you have a spectacular design and very ‘cool’, but that has been much valued its features, and the social impact that it has had the technology that integrates, as well as the impact will continue to have.And the winners are:27 January 2010 Apple announced its first iPad. Was the first ‘tablet’ of the market as we know them today, a device that until then reserved for science fiction and that has completely revolutionized the way of connecting with the ‘technology portable’ in both a professional and a personal level.A car that without doubt you have diverted the path of the automotive industry, forcing competitors to adopt a future powered by batteries instead of the present gasoline consumption. “The Tesla Model S is like the iPod of cars, if your iPod could do 0 to 60 in 2.3 seconds”, say from the ‘Time’.It is possible to not know what is a Raspberry Pi, but its impact in industries such as robotics and home automation has been enormous. The manufacturers have made weather stations, consoles, retro games, speakers, smart servers in the cloud… After seven years on the market, and with over 25 million of units sold, the Raspberry Pi is the dream of an engineer to become a reality.For a very economical price, with this device you can send content from your mobile, your tablet or your computer to your tv in which it is connected. Chromecast democratized the streaming and now the platform is even able to stream games. The device is very similar to a ‘skewer’ USB, but with HDMI connection and a little computer inside to do their functions. What you have to do is simply connect it to your tv, link it to the connection WiFi of your home and submit content.Is the drone more recognizable by its design and the most popular on YouTube. Not only is it a tool more than satisfactory for aerial photography, drones have revolutionized both the entertainment -there is a professional league of racing drones – as the professional tasks, even in occupations more classics: companies that opt for the drones to handle everything from the shipment of products to the construction and monitoring.speakers smart have become a ‘must’ for all households, and the first to land on our lives was Amazon Echo and your voice assistant Alexa. Today, Amazon has a large range of products to make your home a ‘smart home’ of the hand of this butler virtual. With more than 100 million devices enabled for Alexa sold, the proliferation of this type of devices of this and other brands is unstoppable.As with many other products, Apple has managed to set the standard of what you can offer a ‘smart watch’. The technology giant has achieved that smart watch happens to be a gadget to ‘nerds’ to a fashion accessory that you can not miss any influencer. And, in addition, not only has a beautiful design, but its functionality for health, have made him an ideal device to use when making exercise.Quickly conquered the public and became an icon that many firms have wanted to replicate and that has marked trend. Despite its price, the public loves them and they have become top sales and one of the most profitable products and successful Apple, both which is expected to sell 60 million units in 2019 -nothing more and nothing less.Since that would change the world with your Game Boy in 1989, Nintendo is the king if we talk about ‘gaming on the go’ -the consoles portable-. With Nintendo Switch took it a step further and you can play as a portable or with it connected to your tv. Portability is inspired by the smart phone, along with the growing library of titles of success, makes that Switch seem to be “the culmination of the idea of Nintendo that games should be”.Surely you are not familiar with this device Microsoft, but has opened up a world to the gamers with some type of disability or limited mobility. Compatible with consoles Xbox One and the Windows PC, is a modular control facilities for those who do not have it easy as you to play.
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The 10 best gadgets of the decade, according to Time magazine
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December 23, 2019

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