The anime series with the best soundtracks

anime series with the best soundtracks

A picture is not complete without a soundtrack. And there are some who have remained in our memory, as achieved juxtaposed beautifully about the history who set and awaken in the viewers a great range of emotions.

anime has it all : genres for all tastes, beautiful animations that reflect the style each artist, great stories and, above all, music. One of the things I love about the href=”” anime is precisely that, manicured soundtracks that fit perfectly with the story , tone and style of animation. Today I decided to make a short list of anime soundtracks most repeated in my music player. As always, the list is short and I left a lot of hand, so invite you to share your suggestions in the comments.


I must confess that I have seen throughout this series, but I can not deny that the music selection is impeccable. Bleach tells the adventures of a high school student named Ichigo Kurosaki who gets Shinigami powers. The soundtrack is extensive, and includes openings besides music and movies endings. Some of the bands that have performed songs for the OST are Orange Range, UVERworld, High and Mighty Color, Beat Crusaders, Aqua Timez, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Porno Graffitti, Miwa, Rie Fu, Younha, SunSet Swish, Ikimono-gakari , JUNE, Chatmonchy, Stereopony, Shion Tsuji, Sambomaster, SPYAIR and Aimer, among many others. If you’re looking move, fun and upbeat music, with much J-pop and J-rock , the soundtrack of Bleach is perfect.

Cowboy Bepbop

This series It is special in every sense. Not only for the wonderful story (the experience of a group of bounty hunters space, which is deep and even existential), but because the relationship between music and animation is so close that the episodes are called “sessions” and get their name musical genres and songs . In fact, Yoko Kanno (composer) created a jazz band called The Seatbelts to interpret the songs of the soundtrack.

While jazz is the genre badge Cowboy Bebop The OST consisting of about 8 albums, wanders through a variety of genres: electronic, blues, pop, rock and more. Cowboy Bebop music can be emotional, deep, melacólica and fun

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The soundtrack of Puella Magi Madoka Magica was composed by Yuki Kajiura, known for his work in series as Fate / Zero, href=”” SAO , among others. It consists of 38 songs, all memorable and fantastic, some melancholic and strong; perfect for history and full of wonderful arrangements that include vocal shocking orchestras and a lot of magic .


Mushishi is an anime that does not focus in the action scenes, but the story of a man who travels the world to study the Mushi, very simple forms of life that live in the forests. The Muhishi soundtrack fits perfectly with the story and rhythm anime : It is relaxing, delicious and very well maintained. Transports you listen, full of secrets and mysteries mythical forests. His composer Toshi Masuda (also responsible for the soundtrack of Naruto href=”” that It is also great) achieves a wonderful, magical and relaxing musical work. I are looking for music to study or work that is melodious, calm and delicate, this soundtrack is perfect.


Nana is anime / manga more frustrating for me, because it is Favorites and its creator Ai Yazawa paused publication because of a disease and never returned more; however, Nana soundtrack is just perfect. Composed by Tomoki Hasegawa specifically for the series, is compiled in an album called Nana 707 soundtracks and includes 43 subjects, almost all instrumental; while the openings and endings, played by Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia can be found in an album called Nana Best.

The openings and endings made by Anna Tsuchiya and Olivia are great and fit perfectly with the style and personality of Nana and Reira, the vocalists Black Stones and Trapness in the series. Roam between pop, rock and ballads melacólicas.

Attack on Titan

It is difficult to describe the soundtrack of shingeki not Kyojin because awakens many emotions when you hear it. Since power and dedication, tragedy, beauty within the pain and the depth of the experiences portrayed in the series history. The OST Attack on Titan has epic instrumental pieces, electronic music, lyrics in German and impressive choruses. Its composer, Hiroyuki Sawana (Kill the Kill, Guilty Crown) captured the essence of this music anime captivating and spectacular, do not hesitate to describe as his masterpiece.


The anime series with the best soundtracks
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August 3, 2015

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