‘The Belko Experiment’: a satire ultraviolenta and sour, but somewhat predictable

‘The Belko Experiment’: a satire ultraviolenta and sour, but somewhat predictable

James Gunn 'Guardians of the Galaxy' has its devotees and, without a doubt, it is not for less: in a universe of mo...

James Gunn ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ has its devotees and, without a doubt, it is not for less: in a universe of movies-mammoth delineated with a template, its unpredictable epics space shine in a special way with your appointments pop and his unbeatable bad grapes. However, there is another Gunn to that many devotees of the series B and the film bronco admire even more: the director of ‘Tromeo and Juliet’ and the great tribute the horror of the eighty ‘The plague’, or the writer of the video game ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’.

This Gunn-in the shadow (but whose madcap personality soaks through the most fiendish of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’, especially in the great sequel) is the responsible of this script, which he wrote after the extraordinary and very dark parody superheroica ‘Super’. But even though he was given the green light, at that moment, Gunn began to go through a tricky divorce that he distanced himself from the project, overly macabre, and that he preferred to distance himself temporarily.

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recovered It years later, but already immersed in the machinery of production of Marvel and the project fell into the hands of Greg McLean, a specialist in survivals asilvestradísimos as the great ‘Wolf Creek’, also a very memorable ‘The territory of the beast’ or the recent ‘The dark’ and ‘The jungle’. In all cases, films of terror or suspense where the anxiety and tension play a major role, and where the nature is a catalyst, setting, or distressing metaphor of stories of survival taken to the extreme.


it Is curious, because in appearance ‘The Belko Experiment’ can not be less related to the surrounding jungles, although the truth is that his background is that of the fable, darwinian in the environment of the business world today. His starting point is simple and familiar: it reminds you of a mix of ‘The hunger games’ and ‘Battle Royale’, spiced with elements of ‘Office Space’ and other satires of the microcosm of the offices, such as the recent ‘Mayhem’, directed by Joe Lynch, another expert in flora, fauna, and survival extreme.

The argument is pure high-concept urban jungle: in a dehumanized office building, the workers receive a notice simple and frightening. Or they start to kill each other at a speed crazed or the next ERE begins by the heads of those present. Locked away in the modern complex, they begin to feel like caged animals and soon begins the massacre with the tools that have more to hand.

An allegory about the merciless microcosm of offices

‘The Belko Experiment’ satirizes the competitive day-to-day of the grey and repetitive days of eight to five that has to suffer from the modern human to our healthy democracies continue with its mechanisms greased. And does his job well in his portrait initial of a few types that are unavoidable in any office: the slimy bully to the head buenrollero you stab to the minimum; the employee’s minimum category that escapes to the roof to smoke dope at the natural leader, and something repellent.

‘The Belko Experiment’: a satire ultraviolenta and sour, but somewhat predictable

it Is precisely this character, the protagonist of white feelings and honesty-proof pumps (embodied with conviction but without too much blood -even though it falls well to you – by John Gallagher, Jr.) the aspect that more of a limp in the film, that refuses to fall into the nihilism that a starting point and asked to shouting.

The moral compass of the hero is necessary from the point of view of argument, but it dampens something critical that ooze character (extremely well written and as interpreted) as Tony Goldwyn, John C. McGinley and Michael Rooker.

otherwise, the film works as a clever mechanism, surprises, gore, twists of script and relative ingenuity to face the gymkhana of cubicles. It all takes place by roads, something journeyed in excess already, but certain times of spread ultraviolento are well worth a ride through this comedy of horror metaphorical about how the man is a wolf to man. Not by hackneyed ceases to be less true.

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‘The Belko Experiment’: a satire ultraviolenta and sour, but somewhat predictable

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