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Pocket Casts

Google Play has decided to support podcast music application, in a move reminiscent of Apple did with iTunes many years and much popularized this type of content. While podcasts are more popular than Android iOS .

But certainly now we live it a resurgence of podcasts, which are increasingly more professional programs made outside the traditional radios with very varied content. And if you get hooked need not wait for the podcast reach Google Play in Spain, in Android there are good applications available for quite some time. Let’s review them.

BeyondPod, the legendary

BeyondPod was one of the first programs with certain quality podcast there was Android. It has a large database of podcast to add our favorite ride without copying the URL feed and has very interesting options such as playback at various speeds, offline playback or streaming, playlists …

Nor lacks interesting things like support Chromecast or compatibility with Feedly, which can have our list of podcast in reading tool feeds and BeyondPod will handle synchronized there.

Most drawback is that the lite version only works for 7 days and then you have to buy the Pro, which costs 7.53 euros , which although not a lot of money is a high price to applications normally found in Google Play.

 Podcast Manager BeyondPod, ideal to listen to your podcasts

BeyondPod Podcast Manager Variable Version

Podcast Manager BeyondPod, ideal to listen to your podcasts

Pocket Cast, the best

For my Pocket Cast it is the best application to listen to podcasts in Android. It has an attractive interface, a good database of podcasts and a very interesting audio effects, such as eliminating silences to play faster or increase the playback speed.

It also has the ability to share podcast through its own service, which is very interesting because it is usually difficult to share such content. It is quite normal to find links to podcast by Twitter through this tool.

It also supports Chromecast, streaming or playback offline and many options which make this the most popular application on Android podcast to hear.


Pocket Casts version 5.2.2

 QR Code

Antenna Pod, free

When I started with Android really were not many good free podcast applications. Google tried with Listen but quite limited, nothing to do with the applications I mentioned above.

But un AntennaPod day came, a great aesthetically beautiful and with many options proposal. Podcast directories have good playback options and effects (when we install some library) and can automatically download the podcast and remove when they have been heard. Of course also supports streaming .

It lacks some details to support and integrate Chromecast effects application without third-party applications but we have a complete free application. If you do not want to spend money to the podcast is a very good choice.


AntennaPod Version

QR Code

AntennaPod is a manager for Android Podcasts

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The best applications for Android listen to podcasts
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October 28, 2015

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