The best photographer of the year, according to The Guardian

The best photographer of the year, according to The Guardian

Yannis Behrakis, the Reuters news agency, has been chosen by The Guardian as the best photographer of the year 2015.

renowned British newspaper The Guardian has designated for them to win the title of best photographer of the year. The choice is Yannis Behrakis , a reporter for the news agency Reuters important moments immortalized as the refugee crisis or the Greek people for the financial problems with the European Central Bank.

As the Greek photographer says,” I covered refugees and immigrants for more than 25 years, but this was different: they have come to my country. ” But Yannis has not only limited to document the arrival of refugees in Greece, it was also at the heart of the conflict: the border between Syria and Turkey . “Making pictures was the least difficult part. The biggest struggle was emotional involvement … I felt very sad to see the same thing over and over again, “the author continues.

 Yannis Behrakis 2

 Yannis Behrakis 3

In addition to escape destination for many refugees, this year Greece has also become the focus of the monetary crisis that still suffer from many European countries. After ascending the Tsipras government and a referendum disapproved the measures imposed by the Central Bank, the Greeks have suffered the pressures of the Eurogroup to continue in the European Union. “It’s very hard to work on a big story in your own country … when you see your family and friends suffer, the pressure is enormous,” says Yannis Behrakis

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The involvement with two of the most important problems and the great 2015 value recorded snapshots are some of the reasons why, finally, The Guardian has selected Yannis Behrakis as the best photographer of the year.


The best photographer of the year, according to The Guardian
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December 24, 2015

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