The best tools for creating animated GIFs quick and easy

The best tools for creating animated GIFs quick and easy

If you are looking for an application that allows you to create GIFs from videos anywhere or any thing that mov...

If you are looking for an application that allows you to create GIFs from videos anywhere or any thing that moves on your screen and want to capture in an animation, we offer 5 more than efficient solutions.

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We all love the GIFs characters, but for those not familiar with how they are created, it can be “super mysterious” something that is actually quite simple. If you are looking for a tool to create animated GIFs in the most easy as possible, today we offer a few really great choices and that anyone learns to use in five seconds.


This is my favorite application in the global world to create an animated GIF. Unfortunately it is only available for Windows (works with any version after XP). GifCam is a portable application that we talked some time ago, do not need no installation and can wearing a pendrive all sides.

This tool lets you capture any part of your desktop in Windows, so you can create a GIF everything always moves that you see on your screen. You have no recording time limit, you can select multiple picture modes and three pre-set settings frames per second (FPS). You can also add text and edit GIFs created after some basic effects. It is wonderful and it’s free.

Imgur Video to Gif

Recently, Imgur Video to GIF launched its own tool to create animated GIFs from any web video. Video to GIF is extremely easy to use, and has the advantage that the GIF will automatically upload to Imgur from where you can share anywhere on the web. Another advantage is that transforms video MP4 instead of saving the file with a _gext.webp extension and this makes their size decreases considerably. The only limitation you have is that you can not record more than 15 seconds.

GIF YouTube

It is an almost legendary trick to convert any YouTube video into a GIF almost instantly. The domain name is so adding the word “gif” in front of in the URL of any video on this network, you can create your GIF. The only limitation, again, is the same as with Imgur tool, you can only record 15 seconds


For those using Chrome as your browser, MakeGIF It is the perfect solution is an extension that lets you capture from any HTML5 video player, you can set a custom size and the frame rate , and even add text to your GIF before the end.

Giffing Tool

Giffing Tool is the best alternative to GifCam with which I have achieved so far. If you want to create GIFs and add various effects, there is no better solution to accounts with WebM support GIFs HD up to 65 FPS. The tool is only compatible with Windows, and you can download it free or pay what you want.

Ah! and if you want to create animated GIFs from Mobile, read here


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