The directors of ‘Infinity War’ warn: Marvel fans should “fear” the title of ‘Avengers 4’

The directors of ‘Infinity War’ warn: Marvel fans should “fear” the title of ‘Avengers 4’

less than one month Remains to see 'Avengers: Infinity War' ('Avengers: Infinity War'), without doubt one of the bi...

less than one month Remains to see ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (‘Avengers: Infinity War’), without doubt one of the big premieres of the year. In addition to the high expectation before the arrival of the 19th film from Marvel Studios, there is a big concern: the spoilers. Both the makers of the film as the fans are concerned that filter important information from the frame before the majority of the public discover in the film.

especially when the movie is going to transform the Marvel Universe, will be the end for some of the superheroes that are more popular. they Promise to “roll heads”. So that spoilers can ruin the experience for many fans. In fact, this is the reason for the not-yet-announced a title for ‘Avengers 4’, apparently, is performing something that you will discover in ‘Infinity War’. And now the directors warn that the fans should be concerned:

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It should.

— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) 30 march 2018

A follower of Marvel posted on Twitter this message: “The fact that the brothers Russo will not give us the title of Avengers 4 because guts Infinity War leaves me very acojonado“. And one of the two filmmakers confirmed that he is right merely responding: “Should“. And the fans have again started to lose the head, imagining what they could refer to. In the same thread there are some possible answers…

What can be the title of ‘The Avengers 4’

The directors of ‘Infinity War’ warn: Marvel fans should “fear” the title of ‘Avengers 4’

fans propose titles like ‘Avengers: death of Captain America’, ‘Avengers: Annihilation’, ‘Avengers: The funeral’, ‘Avengers: The dawn of the justice’ or ‘Avengers: The mounting of Zack Snyder’ (the trolling to the DC that is not missing). In /Film suggest that it could be ‘Avengers: Disassembled’ (‘Avengers: Disjoint’) or ‘Avengers: Shattered Heroes’ (‘Avengers: Heroes broken’), in reference to two arcs storyline from the comics that could fit with the events of ‘Infinity War’.

Then loosen ideas such as ‘Avengers: The death of the Avengers’, ‘Avengers: Iron Man dies in this one’, or ‘Avengers: everybody dies’. Because it is inevitable to imagine what title could worry the fans. To us will happen to us, alternatives such as ‘Avengers vs. X-Men’, ‘Avengers vs. Aliens’ (now Disney has Fox), ‘Avengers: The return of Abomination’ or ‘Avengers: Thanos is another actor hired by the real Mandarin’. What do you think? What is your bet?

“Thanos demands your silence”


— Russo Brothers (@Russo_Brothers) April 3, 2018

on the other hand, Anthony and Joe Russo have been published in the same social network this letter where ask everyone not to post spoilers in the next few months. The directors of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ is ready to perform the usual travel promotional to speak with the press and present footage, although they promise that the film will not be projected completely into the celebration of the premiere of Los Angeles.

So that the fans can be calm: the journalists are not allowed to disclose information about who dies at the hands of Thanos. At least until the premiere, of course. Although I very much doubt that they are journalists or critics who have the intention to filter out spoilers as soon as possible… then you can see the last spots for tv ‘Infinity War’ that has released Marvel Studios:

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The directors of ‘Infinity War’ warn: Marvel fans should “fear” the title of ‘Avengers 4’

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