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Use a fake number to secure your personal data. Register on any site and take your privacy to a new level.

The 21st century is the information age. Every day, people create and consume billions of gigabytes. Such a huge information flow often causes fatigue and stress, but it also shapes our lifestyle and new patterns of behavior. Privacy is becoming a top value these days. In a world where Facebook knows you and all your friends, people want to protect their privacy. A virtual number is a perfect solution for surfing the Internet extensively while remaining completely anonymous.

What is the purpose of virtual numbers?

A virtual SIM card is a simple and elegant technical solution that gives access to a phone number you don’t actually own. It lets people register on hundreds of sites but, at the same time, avoid entering their contact details.

Do you want a new Facebook account? Get it with an online SMS service. Are you embarrassed to sign up for Tinder? A virtual number will conceal your identity. Do you need to order goods in China but have no local phone number for registration? No problem!

In today’s world, a person needs more than one phone number. Mixing work, family, shopping, and dozens of apps by connecting all of them to one number is terribly inconvenient. Virtual numbers allow you to go through SMS online verification on multiple platforms and safely use the services of any country.

The importance of a virtual number

With phone number temporary use, you can enjoy services restricted in your region. You may even be able to get trial access on some sites. But most importantly, your contact info will not be made public. You will never receive spam messages with annoying offers. If you value privacy, virtual numbers are the perfect solution.

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