The importance of APIs and SDKs for Android, Facebook Launches SDK 3.0

A fever, logical and understandable, to have more and better applications. This is fine, but we often forget that applications are not everything and that integration or interaction between them and with the operating system itself is as important for a good experience as it is polished application. This is what comes to mind watching the latest news on Facebook. After months of work yesterday released a new version of your application , which was previously written in html5 and suffering speed issues, native is now much faster. The application interface lacks Holo But it does not stop the thing, Facebook also has released a new SDK that promises a quantum leap in user experience.

This new SDK , with version number 3.0 includes major improvements such as login native or the possibility of allowing applications without exiting of the same. Also included is an improved API that makes it really easy and simple to integrate into Android common tasks as photo uploads and status updates. Overall, a number of improvements that will make us more comfortable with Facebook experience from any app. The adoption of these new SDK and API is expected to be very fast since before release the final versions, Facebook kept them under developer beta for 6 weeks , adding over 80,000 downloads.

Little by little we are seeing more companies that care about providing good APIs and not just polishing applications. For if someone is misplaced, I remember one API becomes the tool to use parts of an app within another, at least in a colloquial. A few days ago we saw how it was Google itself which updated its Maps API giving support for almost all the functions available in the full application. This makes the experience of using an application on Android that makes use of these APIs is much better, doing more useful and simple .

In fact, this is one of the largest advantages of Android versus iOS . It is generally much easier to build and use third-party APIs in Android so that we break the barrier between it and what OS are installed applications . A clear example is the option to share anything with any application. In Android find all applications that have some form of sharing contents directly in share options, while iOS only we can do well for applications that Apple gives integration.

may seem silly to Facebook releasing an SDK or a new and improved API, but Android is great news . People seem to begin to see the real benefits of Android over iOS and squeeze as they should. So it is important that we value and appreciate these movements the differentiating features of Android . If companies will take full advantage of a system as open and malleable as Android, we can enjoy its benefits, which are numerous .

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The importance of APIs and SDKs for Android, Facebook Launches SDK 3.0
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December 14, 2012

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