‘The ministry of time’, 9 things I love to see in upcoming episodes or seasons


Como many already know, this week no new episode of ‘The ministry of time’ , since the series of RTVE has entered a small break that was already planned at the time, by so there is the slightest reason for concern. Five chapters are still to be issued and hopefully not take too long to announce its renewal for a third season -in a possible cancellation I prefer not to think -.

Taking advantage of the temporary vacuum that has left the series, I have chosen to reflect a little on what I like to see happen, and if I told you yesterday what they thought should be the next character to die den ‘Game of Thrones ‘, today I propose nine things I love to see in upcoming episodes or seasons and cover, I think, all possible spectra.

Chapters shorter

Scene Ministry Of Time

The series has made so far a great job to fit the average of Spanish fiction-there have been some episode that has been noticeable, but has not been the usual time, but that does not mean that ‘the ministry of time’ probably would be even better if you got cut your footage to resemble more that of an American production .

It seems unlikely in the short term-the dominant mentality remains to be filled all the time- prime, but with Netflix betting on 50 minutes to su first series in Spain maybe, just maybe, could happen within several seasons, because yes, I expect that ‘The ministry of time’ follow us several more years.

Episodes more budget

Ministry Of Time El Cid

I will not deny that there have been specific moments in which there has been abundant digital special effects in the series, but the dominant note has been that meet slack. However, ‘The ministry of Time’ is a series with so many possibilities that it has often been impossible for me not to ask What could have done with more money (and time to use it, if you’re in a hurry …).

Chapter written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo

Nacho Vigalondo

Now we have seen an episode directed by Paco Plaza and soon enjoy one led by Javier Ruiz Caldera from a screenplay by Borja Cobeaga and Diego San José. I imagine that is not at all ruled out that there are more collaborations in the future and in this case I would like to propose to Nacho Vigalondo, which has already proven to be comfortable with time travel in super ‘cronocrímenes’ and also have a sense of humor to keep in mind recommend -os take a look its ‘Code 7’ -.

Episode during the democratic presidential term

Government 1869

Everyone has their favorites for all, and I ended up passionate what “fun” that was all that happened in this particular period of Spanish history , especially from the election as the new king of Amadeo of Savoy, who just he arrived in Spain coinciding with the death of its main backer. Neither do I forget the new Carlist War or shortly after the proclamation of the First Republic.

Maybe something related to the resignation of Nicolas Salmeron for refusing to sign the death sentence of several soldiers? I do not know, there are many important things concentrated in a few years and would love to see how at least one episode of the series discusses some of what happened during the democratic presidential term.

What Pacino often return


There have been many who have come to ask Julian disappears from the series definitively and Pacino stay. I will not go so far, as Rodolfo Sancho and showed what he was capable in the first season, both individually and for its chemistry with Aura Garrido and Nacho Fresneda, and his character deserves to continue in the series .

However, I would not like Hugo Silva abandon the series or as much again in a very timely manner. Yes I have clear that Pacino and Julian together are somewhat incompatible to occupy the same space although with very different approaches, and it is logical that the comic has won many spectators, but I want to see many times the first. It is a great character and I do not think anyone is going to complain about it.

Minimum one episode per season with Miguel Rellán

 Miguel Rellan The Ministry Of Time

Miguel Rellán is one of those side whose presence improve anything in appearing , by what if Javier Olivares celebrate you decide to keep bringing back to Gil Perez at least once per season. In fact, it would be a disappointment that was not the case, that of episodic characters is one of the most lend themselves to being reused.

Episode with Francisco Ibanez

 Francisco Ibanez

So far we have had apparitions of key names in Spanish literature as Lope de Vega, Federico García Lorca or Miguel de Cervantes and surely there will be more in the future. However, I do not like to not to forget the world of comics, because it also captivated millions of Spaniards and few things I rejoice over that an appearance of Francisco Ibáñez in an episode, and and joy would be doubled if above has to do something with Mortadelo and Filemon .

This 2016 would have been a good time to turn 80, but hey, 2018 will be your two characters most loved those who meet 60, the same then

almost resignation / dismissal of Luis Aragones

Some time ago my passion for football is far from the many Spaniards, but a good way to make an episode not far away in time and step pay tribute to a key figure in Spanish sport would be something related to Luis Aragones, who before building a winning team is supposed to estuvo about to resign and there were also rumors about una possible dismissal, can you imagine how much could have changed everything having produced any of those things?

Tribute to ‘Blackadder’

Vibora Negra

already has habdio episodes inspired by ’24’ or ‘Allo Allo’ , by so everything suggests that in future also may be more tributes of its kind. For my part, I propose ‘Blackadder’, a hilarious politically incorrect comedy starring Rowan Atkinson. True, it has a very British humor, but I think something could be done to mold it to the Spanish reality without sacrificing his wit and poignancy.

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‘The ministry of time’, 9 things I love to see in upcoming episodes or seasons
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April 12, 2016