The new status icons and colors and what they mean in Android 4.4 KitKat


Throughout the evolution of the Android icons and design have changed . And these changes have been small, one need only compare a Nexus One with a Nexus 5 to appreciate the incredible differences that we found. One of the innovations we see in version 4.4 of Android are and connection status icons , different from Android 4.3 and have finally been explained and clarified by a Google engineer.

icons to which we refer are mainly mobile network connection and WiFi connection . As you all know, these icons are in the notification bar, but are also found in the quick settings menu of Android. If we look we find that in addition to missing things changed color on icons such as arrows that indicate whether we are downloading or uploading data, either through mobile data network or WiFi.

These and other changes have been carried out with the idea of ​​ improve performance and for aesthetic design . The fact is that the colors and design have a significance that provides information, so it is important to know the changes.


These are the two main reasons that explains Dan Sandler in a comment in one of his publications Google+ :

status icons now are all white : This is the first thing that catches the eye, as we have gone from blue to white in all the status icons. This decision is aesthetic and practical, since introducing the transparent notification bar has been that blue is not as good or as easy to see as the new target.

colors connection change : We used mainly two colors, blue indicating that everything was fine and gray, telling us that something was wrong with the connection. Now everything is white, and gray is a color too close as to indicate failure, so it has been changed to orange. When there is problem with the connection, either mobile data or WiFi, appear orange. Besides no longer appears in the notification bar, which always will be white, but it is necessary to access the quick settings.

connection status no longer appears in the notification bar : Not only are the colors which is only now shortcuts, if not that the little arrows that accompanied the status of the connection and we indicated whether downloading or uploading data were also moved. The reason is not as aesthetic but it has to do with performance, is that oddly enough, these arrows consume CPU resources and GPU (and consequently battery), so it was removed from the bar notifications and if we check the status we must visit the quick settings.

This is how things are. In short, now all-white status icons in the notification bar and if we consult the state have to open the Quick Settings . The orange indicates that something is wrong and that things are not working as they should, and arrows that show if you are downloading or uploading data also appear here and not in the notification bar, to save system resources.

Small but significant changes although not directly affect the average user is always important to know.

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The new status icons and colors and what they mean in Android 4.4 KitKat
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November 18, 2013

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