The post-apocalyptic train ‘Snowpiercer’ will have its own series

The remakes are the order of the day and There are still projects that make you frown thinking where can go. I...
The post-apocalyptic train ‘Snowpiercer’ will have its own series

The remakes are the order of the day and There are still projects that make you frown thinking where can go. It is what initially happened to me to hear that Josh Friedman (creator of ‘Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles’) is preparing a television adaptation of ‘Snowpiercer’, the film Bong Joon-ho, 2013. The director Park Chan-wook, godfather of film, exercise of executive producers on the series.

For those who do not know, ‘Snowpiercer’ posed a post-apocalypse in which a new ice age (manmade) had ravaged the land, and the surviving humanity lived in an infinite magnetic-driven engine train. The particularity of this train is how social order had moved to a horizontal hierarchy wagons, where the poorer classes lived in line in very poor condition, and the super rich had their dwellings on the front of the train.

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This approach, accompanied by a great atmosphere and address Joon-ho, turned ‘Snowpiercer’ in a deserved critical acclaim and audience (in certain circles, thanks to video on demand). They are 90 minutes and very enjoyable adrenalíticos not initially invited to a serial transfer history. On the other hand, it is hard to think of adapting the trigger to a television structure that deals with the theme of Revolution classes at a slower pace and supporting more characters.

However, it is difficult to imagine production design that does not result in a claustrophobic series, a quality that added points the film but on a weekly story can turn out to be overwhelming. In fairness, the film is itself an adaptation of a graphic novel, so an adaptation to a new medium should not push for an immediate rejection.

This approach as high concept initially operable to call the audience, because science fiction is currently in vogue. Another positive point is the thinking minds behind the adaptation, both personally Korean directors are very claimable figures with a particular and challenging vision that can do well to this title. Moreover, the experience of adapting Friedman Terminator saga television can be very positive when considering ‘Snowpiercer’. We will see what is all this.

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